Console Wars: Iain Lee takes sides

You have to feel sorry for everyone that plumped for the PS3 over the 360. Not the Sony diehards that would buy a polished poo if it had the Sony logo on. No, I'm talking about those poor souls who were stood in Comets humming and hawing over which console to buy and plumped for the shiny black plastic thing that had a familiar name.

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Harry1903867d ago

''Hit the message boards to respond to Iain Lee's console column

Iain Lee is employed on a freelance basis by Microsoft. The views in this column are those of the author and not of MSN or Microsoft.

Microsoft owns MSN UK and Xbox.''

there's a saying that goes:you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

decapitator3867d ago

Guy Employed by Microsoft picks the 360 over PS3..Holy sh1t am shocked. I will immediately pick up a 360 again after I had one crapped on because Lain Lee says so.


Come now, really..REALLY this is just low on so many levels.

c-redz3867d ago

you my friend look about as ugly as the x-box

MURKERR3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

and i use the word 'celebrity' very faintly concerning him.

HE WORKS FOR MICROSOFT FOR GOODNESS SAKE his not exactly going to bite the hand that feeds him,and looking at his scrawny body he better ask microsoft for a pay rise!

sonarus3867d ago

this guy just wants attention. Everyone just ignore him. No comment on his message board. That simple

thunder3867d ago

Who the hell in Iain Lee? He doesn't even know how to spell Ian.

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Meus Renaissance3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Iain Lee says the PS3 sucks because it used to cost £425 last year March when it was launched. The fact that it's now priced £299 with a game is irrelevant.

It also sucks because Blu-Ray is spelt without an 'e'.

It also sucks because it's a Sony product, the ones behind Betamax, in which for Iain the wounds of its demise still have not been healed.

And because it doesn't quite match the orgasmic sensation Xbox Live's "sublime, beautiful, wondrous, joyful online experience" gives him. must be hiring.

decapitator3867d ago

Thanks a lot. Was actually going to read the article. Shoot, you saved me a lot of time.

sonarus3867d ago

haha yea great summary meus

Stryfeno13867d ago

Could this article be anymore bias?

butterfinger3867d ago

This dude looks like the poster boy for d-bags anonymous. I'm sorry, but really? lol

iAmPS33867d ago


I BET Nazisoft developed the new controller especially for this guy!

BeaArthur3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Who is Lain Lee and why should I care about his opinion? It might as well be the opinion of Hana Montana.