Crysis + Wii Remote

The wait is finally over! RenEvo Software & Designs is proud to present a project that had started out half a year ago as a simple question: could the Wii Remote be used by a PC modding community? RenEvo Software & Designs think Wiisis has answered that question. And now, RenEvo Software & Designs would like to offer you the opportunity to see for yourself. And for RenEvo's modding friends, RenEvo Software & Designs have a special gift for you as well!

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Spinner3958d ago

Wow "RenEvo Software & Designs" sounds like a great company to invest in ... it's totally not run out of some kid's bedroom.

ravenguard883958d ago

I'm sure this took some time to put together, what's with all the bad feedback this story is getting?

ItsDubC3958d ago

Considering that Metroid Prime 3 had the best FPS console controls that I've ever experienced personally, I'd say this is pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.