Gamespot Reviews MLB 08: The Show

Sony's MLB series has been top dog for several years running now, and that hasn't changed in 2008. MLB 08: The Show doesn't have much in the way of new content, but it improves upon last year's game in almost every department, and it's the baseball game to get if you're a PlayStation 3 owner looking to play America's Pastime.

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Lifendz4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

Last time I posted on that site the answer was no. That was like when Uncharted was released. Anyone know?

TriggerHappy4880d ago

Nope. This is a very high score I'd say.

kapedkrusader4880d ago

For all the great things they had to say and still give it an 8.5 is BS. I,for one, love the Road to the Show aspect of the game. It truly feels like real-life and a true sports sim. I've never played a baseball game as good as this one or better looking. Why is it rated by some as only being above average? Ridiculous.

superman4880d ago

8.5 is a good score, what are you whining about.

azzam4880d ago

* Road to the Show can become tedious and still has some issues

1)Still has some issues ? Which issues ? Please tell to the readers ?

BilI Gates4880d ago

I played the game. The issues that I've paid them to complain about are nonexistent.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill <3

BilI Gates4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

It wasn't me I swear. *Hides paycheck*

liquidsnake4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

hahahahah :D