Console Gaming, Where to next?

TruTechNoid Write's

"So it seems that the current generation of gaming is coming to an end, the opening chapter in High Definition and online multiplayer draws to a close. The current consoles on the market have served their purpose well and opened the world’s eyes to a whole new way to play, the graphically satisfying and hugely social way of gaming finally came to a larger audience other than that of the PC gamers."

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fsfsxii2817d ago

Buy the full game, unlock it with DLC

DeadPixel2817d ago

Oculus rift will never really take off, just like with 3d TVs and the horrible glasses, people want to be comfortable when gaming

Gazondaily2817d ago

I hope you're wrong.

VR needs to happen but it needs to happen properly. If Oculus Rift lays the foundations from 'true' Virutal Reality then I really pray for its success.

I hope it does take off, but more importantly, I hope it works. The likes of Cliff Blezinski and John Carmack have faith in it and that to me means that there is definitely potential in it.

hennessey862817d ago

I don't no what 3d tvs you have seen but my 3d glasses are very comfortable to wear and I don't notice them when I'm watching a film in 3d or gaming in 3d

Typical-Guy2817d ago

I don't think next gen will be any different than the current one. There will be many online passes though.

RBarlow2817d ago

I'm very excited about the next gen consoles - I think they will offer amazing graphics and games and the extra bits such as the Oculus will make them something you HAVE to get your hands on.