1UP: The Sims 3 preview and screens

In The Sims 3, you still control only a single household at a time, but your neighbors advance, change, get new jobs, develop relationships, and otherwise advance alongside you -- whether you're paying attention or not. A downtown area with places to eat, shop, and work (think: bookstore, park, clothing store, movie theater, bistro) offers a central hub for socialization, though at launch (EA's targeting the spring of 2009) some buildings may be little more than facades. Sims may be able to enter a clothing store, for example, but players won't be able to follow -- that's one possible area for growth in the inevitable expansion packs.

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tplarkin74499d ago

The character creation doesn't look like it has advanced. The 2 girls faces are identical. You would think that the creation would be far deeper since that is a major part of building your own sims world.