1UP justifies SCEA's pulled prerelease support with MLB 08 review

The latest review of MLB 08: The Show by 1UP may have shown that SCEA's decision (among a few other companies) to pull prerelease support from 1UP/EGM was the right one.

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sonarus4499d ago

there goes 1up hating again. Of all the popular reviews i.e. gtrailers, ign, gspot(lol), game informer i find theirs the most questionable. They always come up with some random element in a game to pull a score down. Seems to happen more often to sony games too. Nice to see sony taking a stand. Now lets see how gamespot handles the next insomniac game. That 7.5 on ratchet was a little to harsh

Iamback4498d ago

Same guy that gave Ratchet PS3 a 7.5, also gave 8.5 to GOW:chains of olymp.

Lifendz4498d ago

and I echo the sentiments of the author: kudos Sony. 1up is obviously biased against your sports games. Probably because you pulled pre-releases from them. Giving the game a B- is insane. I heard the last 1up yours podcast and Garnett and the guys were bashing the game for being a sim and not having an arcade mode. Give me a break. If I read a review of Madden that bashed it for being a sim I'd throw the review away. The game is supposed to be a sim!

I thought Hilary Goldstein was the biggest xbox fanboy out there yet he was able to speak glowingly about the game. What gives Garnett?

And then that idiot Garnett went on and on about how there's no games coming out this summer. After nearly 15 minutes of diatribe he finally acknowledged a little game called Metal Gear Solid 4. Ninja Gaiden II anyone? GTA IV will surely last us all for a while. I don't know what's going on over there. If it weren't for Shane that show would be unlistenable.

Shane, please jump ship (cuz it's sinking) and go to IGN. I'd love to hear you and Greg Miller on podcast B3yond. You could have Jeff Haynes spot! ;)

sonarus4498d ago

well to be fair the story was short and the game wasn't perfect. But, it still is the best psp game available.

oohWii4498d ago

Had MS or nintendo done this, you Sony sheep would be saying that they are censoring reviewers whose reviews don't favor their products. This is so typical of you blind MORONS. Because this is exactly what Sony is doing!

Kleptic4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

When did MS ever pull pre-release packages for reviewers because they were getting unfair reviews?...there were insider confirmations of the kinds of 'gifts' some of these reviewers recieve from MS...and mentioned that neither Nintendo or Sony went to such lengths...

more over...The Wii actually has fanboys?...I didn't know people like you existed......just a future warning...this probably isn't the best website for your kind...I can pretty much guarantee that not many people will share your opinion...

oohWii4498d ago

"this probably isn't the best website for your kind" Ok, did I turn left when I should have turned right end entered N4B (News for Biggots) instead of N4G (news for gamers) And what kind would that be man, people that don't have Sony company logos tatooed to their chest. Yes, believe it or not, the wii does have fans/fanboys. And based on current sells figures, we have twice as many as "YOUR KIND" have.

So don't hate the player homie, hate the game. I really can't believe you were STUPID enough to make such an ignorant comment. Funny though, MS give gifts and you whine, Sony pulls support for people not giving their games perfect scores, (prob the real reason the dude from gamestop lost his job.) and you call MS a monster. Snap, snap, snap, wake up fool!

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GunShotEddy4498d ago

The article focuses more on the author complaining about reviews rather than publishers not supporting media. Who cares. A review is only an opinion. Do we now need opinions about other people's opinions?

Iamback4498d ago

You and I and most likely smaller % of folks see it as that, just an opinion, but lets not fool our selves. Reviews matter, not matter what people say. most of the gamers look at reviews before buying game, so good reviews help sales, that is 100% for sure.....very bad reviews....well you know... don't help.

Lifendz4498d ago

don't try to deflate the entire discussion. We all know it's just an opinion. Thanks Captain Obvious. We're here to discuss those opinions. That is, in part, what a forum is for. When a game as good as The Show gets high scores almost everywhere save for the two places thought to have an agenda of some sort, well it's at least discussion worthy. If you're not interested in this discussion then don't post in it.

GunShotEddy4498d ago

I'm in the wrong for having an opinion about an article, which is nothing but opinion, that discusses a review that is nothing but an opinion?

Amazing that you would point out this is a forum for discussion, yet you condemn me for discussing. Beautiful irony.

Lifendz4498d ago

You can have any opinion you want but have an opinion. Telling us all that we shouldn't waste our time on it is neither saying you agree or disagree; it's telling us what you think should be post worthy.

Again, we all know the review is just an opinion. That's obvious. You weren't citing an opinion on the review, you were just saying that "guys it's an opinion so just move on." That was my whole objection to your post.

If an article doesn't interest me, I wouldn't go into the posts and tell everyone that they shouldn't be discussing it or worried about it because it's only an opinion. I'd either offer something to the discussion or ignore it. What you did is essentially the equivilant of walking up to two people having a discussion about a movie review and telling them that it's just an opinion and they shouldn't worry about the review.

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T_O874498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

they F***ing deserve it , giving 2k8 baseball a higher review score than mlb08 the show , i mean WTH ?!

Edit: and yes SCEA definitely made the right decision

Lifendz4498d ago

and everyone that agrees with Sony's decision on this one. This is evidence that 1up has some sort of agenda against Sony sports games.

Kleptic4498d ago

haha sports games?...or sony in general?...

Iamback4498d ago

8.5 from gamespot

1UP just showing their hate

Iamback4498d ago

I am European so i dont know a sh.t about baseball and dont care, but it seems this game is getting great reviews
1UP is just showing their true face

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