Sony & Microsoft To Roll Out New IP Gaming Consoles

After several days of internal consideration Microsoft executives have said that they will not be producing a Blu ray Xbox 360. Instead the Company is working on a brand new gaming and entertainment solution that will replace the current Xbox 360.

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TriggerHappy3918d ago

Bring em on. Hope they are interesting though.

JsonHenry3918d ago

Yep! Good news for ALL gamers!

The Killer3918d ago

this fast??

letter to MS

how dare u do these things to ur customers? they spend a lot of money on live and extra peripheral and when finally the RROD starting to get fixed u will release a new console?? what about 20-25 million person who bought the 360 and wants to enjoy the gaming and cheap prices games??
r u going to release a new console every 4 years and pull the support from the last console?? how do u expect people to trust u anymore??

if sony release ps4 before 2011 i will be very pissed of from them!!

AbyssGravelord3918d ago

I love how you guys pretend to give a sh1t.

c-redz3918d ago

lets see if everything is digital... why would i buy a hd movie when i can just cop the thing for free from another site... they will lose a lot of money moving to digital!!!

The Killer3917d ago

well i dont care about 360 owners, but its really sad story for them if u think about it for a minute!
they r loyal and they keep bashing ps3 and they keep buying a lot of games for it even pay for LIVE and the end thats what they get??? weather i care or not its important that we gamers or even fanboys think of the other side even if it was for a minute!! they r humans too u know?? weather i am a gamer or causal gamer or ps3 fanboy or wii fanboy it doesnt mean i cant feel sorry for 360 owners!! they payed money from they own pockets or they parents bought them or maybe was a gift!!
and what about u? do u care about 360 owners?? from what i feel u r a 360 fanboy, do u care about whats happening to ur friends and 360 owners? or is it if u accept it then the rest should shut their mouths and follow u and put up MS RROD?

Mclovin963917d ago

I feel sorry for anybody who doesn't have a 360, playing crap games on their crap consoles.

PoeBoy3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Did you even read the article? Or even the title?

This is not "just" a MS thing but an answer to Sony's new Home System.

Look at the PS2 and PS3

There are "New" games still coming out for the PS2 even after the ps3 is out. What they are creating here is not the new "XBOX 720" but an answer to Sony trying to corner a niche market.

I am not a "fanboy" I own both systems and think they both have there pros & cons.

What MS is creating here would not eliminate the 360. The money they make on "Live" alone is enough to keep supporting the 360.

The Killer3917d ago

i agree with u, and imagine many people feel sorry for u that u dont play ps3 games! they feel the same way u feel now!


i did read the article and i knows its about IP's for both consoles but MS will launch a new xbox in around 2010, if u dont see it then revise MS strategy and way of dealing business! and i dont think they can answer the ps3 without blue ray add on with the 360!! they will need something completely new to compete with the ps3 and sony blue ray success.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 33918d ago

This thing called a xBox 360?
Why does it have these features built-in for? -
RRoD(Red Ring of Death)?
Noisy Fan?
Disc Scratching?
Old DVD drive?
Why are 95% of the games on it all Unoriginal P.C Games for?

iAmPS33918d ago

what the controller might be:

Noodlecup3918d ago

downloading compressed HD videos is not true HD, MS are so bitter that blu-ray won, why can't they just go with blu-ray and make it better for the consumer instead of stroking their ego.

evilbubble3918d ago

But also there is nothing wrong to start building the technology from now, even Sony realise this. We wont see them reach the masses for a quite a while.

tony3918d ago

i watch 300 from xbl and it was true, true high def. i couldn't believe it. i watch movies with my ps3 and i didn't see any superiority.

The Closing3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I'd like to know the file size, and how long it took you to dl it. Then you have to think about a library of not only movies but games on a hdd. Not even the biggest commercial HDD today could hold much of your content at all, and I don't even need to mention "next next gen games" which will be in the terabyte range when we can't even handle this gen content until at least next gen, which means we'll still be way behind. The question is how long will it take us to catch up? My guess is at least a decade.

And I'm not even mentioning rights of ownership issues that still need to be worked out. Global internet speeds that need catching up, which are way behind. Lastly Its own fight for breaking into real mainstream.

ry-guy3918d ago

... that you can start watching a movie after a certain percentage of it has been downloaded. As long as you stay online (which almost every with Xbox Live does when the console is on) you can enjoy the movie or episode without waiting for an extended period of time. It's close to streaming.

Personally, if Microsoft wants to be competitive in this venture and not be the bully they really need to lower the cost of HDDs and put some larger sizes out much cheaper. You can get a portable harddrive with larger sizes at cheaper prices for what they ask for.

TheExecutive3918d ago

give me a break. speaking from someone who owns a 60" or above, downloaded movies are about on par with upscaled dvd's.

Montrealien3918d ago

Tru HD is the worst marketing scam in the history of TV. No human that is part to the general population will ever see it the way you see it. sorry.

DRUDOG3917d ago

Are you referring to 480p vs. 1080p?!? I've sold plenty of friends on HD with one push on the remote...the I/O button. I might be reading your post wrong, but I think what you are trying to say is that people won't know the difference between SD and HD. If that is the case than I totally disagree with you.

Now if you mean that the mass population won't know the difference between 720p and 1080p I'd still disagree with you, but understand that some people really don't pay that close attention to see the difference.

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gnothe13918d ago

why is MS BITTER about blu ray winning!! they didnt own HD DVD or own stock in HD DVD. HD DVD used a MS codec an blu ray used java. plus MS was just trying to prolong the format war long enough to get DD as a factor!! MS didnt loose anything so why would they be bitter!! if anything TOSHIBA should be bitter not MS.

beast3918d ago

MS banked on toshiba and HD-DVD. They Screwed all the people who followed MS-xbox for there HD need.

So yes MS didnt develop HD-DVD but the fact they CHOOSE to support a format for xbox that DIED is a slap in a face.


The Closing3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Globally we don't even have the dl speeds to handle this generation of content let alone the not so distant "the next gen" in which content will be in the terabytes.

"We believe that we have set the right course going forward. We are investing in faster networks to deliver the content including 42mbps to the mobile and fibre to the node in the home."

42mbps? lmao! fibre? Lmao! Japan is launching a satellite that will allow dl speeds of 1.2gbps. Until the world catches up they can kiss my pale white @ss.

evilbubble3918d ago

And if you read the article entirely, one of the "supporter" of this is Telstra. If you are from Australia, you know Telstra is a monopolistic company that keep the prices high. For example around $50 will get you 10GB download allowance per month with Telstra, while its competitors will give you at least 40-50GB per month. 10GB isn't enough for general browsing and youtubing, much less HD content...

Tempist3918d ago

Exactly... but they will continue to say we do need to have Digital downloads. One such forerunner of this ideology is Apple. I really wish that they would get realistic with this and do better research. But alas, they won't and because Apple does it, everyone will try to do it too.