GameSpy: Ninja Reflex Review

GameSpy writes: "One of the most over-used clichés in martial arts cinema is that of the aged instructor and the naïve pupil. Some memorable examples of this archetypal relationship include "The Karate Kid's" Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san, or "Kill Bill's" Pai Mei and The Bride. This elderly master of the ancient arts puts his pupil through a series of torturous trials, usually of the sadistically challenging variety, in order to impart some grander wisdom or subtle technique. At first, the student will fail miserably, but with time and effort, mastery of the martial art will be gleaned, and with this knowledge comes enlightenment.

EA's Ninja Reflex employs this relationship as its physical counterpart to the mental fitness offered by Brain Age's Dr. Kawashima, giving players a hands-on instructor to guide them through the process of attaining faster reflexes, increased physical coordination, and spiritual health. Using the Wii remote controller as your interface method, you can catch flies with chopsticks; pluck a Koi fish from a stream, and master the deadly arts of the nunchaku, samurai sword, and shuriken."


-Meditation feature is interesting
-Fun premise


-Mini-games aren't very compelling

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