The Great Experiment: Wii Fit - Week 6

4colorrebellion writes: "One week to go. I really can't believe that the time has gone by this fast. When I started this project my wedding still seemed far away and my normal nightly ritual was watching TV before bed. Now as I go into the last week of my experiment I feel like a different person and so some extent, I am looking like a different person.

But don't get the wrong idea. Wii Fit is not a magic device. It takes a lot of time and some hard work. What it really requires is a strong commitment. And it's that commitment that I struggled with this week. As my wedding approaches and my free time decreases, Wii Fit isn't getting as much of my time as it had in the past. Next week will probably be even harder. However, since both my future wife I enjoy the game, I can see both of us continuing with the program far beyond the limits of my experiment".

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