Legendary Map: Avalanche

The second Halo 3 Legendary Map - Avalanche - is revealed and detailed within. A cool classic gets a new look and feel.

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The BS Police3961d ago

And then this would be the best Map Pack ever purchased.

FirstknighT3961d ago

...I'm tired of Lockout. I must of played a bazillion mlg games on that map.

The BS Police3961d ago

It would be better than Guardian.

MasterChief28293961d ago

It's Lockout. Trust me :) If you don't believe it, go read the 'Old and Aspiring' blog over at http://blog.ascendantjustic... - using quotes from Bungie it's obvious that Lockout and Sidewinder are the new maps. Sidewinder has just been revealed and now Lockout, which seemed even more likely after reading the quotes than Sidewinder.

sak5003961d ago

I'm more excited about COD4 maps. H3 maps look too bland compared to COD4s.

FirstknighT3961d ago

COD4 maps are all the same tho'....just war torn streets. Halo 3 maps atleast have some creativity to them.

kevanio093961d ago

That was one of the greatest maps on halo 2, as was coagulation...those two next?

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The story is too old to be commented.