Official Heavy Duty site is live

"Akella has the website up for their mech-action-strategy title, Heavy Duty. The site is a little slow and runs in Flash, but the presentation is cool and the samples of game music sound good. It's been a while since I've seen a good mech combat game, so I'll be keeping track of this one.

Vast amounts of content, numerous unique feature sets in the mix of compelling strategy and fast-paced action available on

Akella is pleased to announce the launch of the Heavy Duty official website that shows off latest assets and storyline additions. Visitors can now go online to to get an in-depth look at game features, browse and download screenshots and videos (both promotional and in-game). The website also provides an integral insight into the game content (via fact sheet and FAQs) and features what others are saying about Heavy Duty (Press section)".

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