IGN: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PSP Review

IGN writes: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 delivers similar gameplay mechanics to what FIFA brings to the PSP but does so with a more expansive list of moves and modes that are ripped straight from the console iterations.

The best feature of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PSP is easily that it doesn't give up any of the core modes that can be found in the console editions. While the online mode has been stripped away, you can still play ad hoc against another PSP owner in close proximity so that counts for something. Master League, Cup, World Tour (a mode only seen here and on the PS2), League, Match, and Training are included in this version and none feel stripped down in the slightest. You can still create your own player and sign him to your favorite team and you can still piece together up to 52 teams to compete in a number of unlicensed cup tournaments."

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