One Year Later: How Early 2008 Stacks up to Early 2007

Taking a look at sales in January and February of a given year can often be a good way to examine and analyze the current state of the video game market, as the sales are typically not being affected too much by high-profile software releases, holiday periods, price cuts, or other short-term effects, though there are of course exceptions -- Smash launched in Japan in January this year for the Wii, and Devil May Cry 4 launched in all regions in Jan/Feb this year for PS3 and 360. In general, though,VGcharts are able to draw some conclusions based on a system's performance relative to itself from a year ago, and of course relative to its competitors, as well as the market's performance as a whole.

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le killer3959d ago

this shows that the ps3 is starting do well. now lets see how many of sony army come on here and rubbish vgchartz! normally they're lining up!

iAmPS33959d ago

Come on, he just mentioned VGCharts, what kinda of source is that????