1UP Reviews House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return

1UP writes: "Like me, many of you have sent a load of the undead back to the grave, pistol in hand. Whether in a grimy arcade, on your PC, or your Dreamcast (just to name a few), undead hunting in Houses of the Dead is a time-honored tradition among gamers. To train a new generation of gamers in the art of corpse-killing, Sega has used their arcane knowledge of the undead to bring back a pair of classics (rather than creating a new game), releasing The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return.

The House of the Dead is an on-rails shooter, and -- as you've probably guessed -- Return is a compilation of the second and third games in the series. The big difference between these ports and their original releases, though, is the lack of a proper lightgun. In the arcade, you used a pistol-shaped lightgun that created a visceral connection to the piece your character wielded onscreen. With this new title, you waste zombies with the Wii remote, aiming with a cursor that's visible onscreen and firing at them like you're holding a phaser out of Star Trek -- it would only feel less like a pistol if you were typing at your enemies with a keyboard. And while you can play with the Wii Zapper, I found its awkward feel made the game more difficult and frustrating than immersive".

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