Super Turrican [virtual console] review by IGN

IGN's Lucas M. Thomas writes:
"Nintendo thought highly enough of Super Turrican that it released by itself on March 3, unaccompanied by any other additions to the Wii Shop that day. And though it's disappointing for some who'd ask for more quantity on the Virtual Console, there's no denying the quality of what we did receive. Super Turrican is a great experience, one that served to establish of firm foundation for Factor 5 as developers of home console video game software. It's a blast to play, as it expertly balances paying homage to other popular action designs with its own innovations and mechanics. And it pushed the envelope of what the Super Nintendo hardware could accomplish now over a decade and a half ago. 800 Wii Points is an easy price to pay for a game this good – and luckily, there should be more where this one came from. Super Turrican 2 is also a likely future release for the Virtual Console, as is the Genesis installment of the franchise, Mega Turrican."

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