Super Turrican - Virtual Console review

Ever wondered what happens when a Western developer takes inspiration from the Japanese and decides to create a 'run and gun' game with flashy graphics, amazing special effects and killer gameplay? Well wonder no more, because Super Turrican is one such game.

Originally released on the C64, the first Turrican game was a masterpiece of skilful programming and brilliant gameplay. 16-bit conversions soon followed, culminating in the impressive Megadrive/Genesis Mega Turrican and the superlative Super Turrican 1 & 2 for Nintendo's SNES, the first of which is obviously the subject of this review. These games were developed by Factor 5, which is the same Factor 5 that coded the 'Rogue Squadron' Star Wars titles for the N64/GameCube.

Playing like the bastard child of Konami's Contra and Nintendo's Metroid, Super Turrican even had elements of Bionic Commando thrown in for good measure. Talk about casting your net wide for inspiration! However, whereas many other imitators of classic titles have failed to get the end product to gel effectively, Factor 5 was unquestionably successful...

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