Rumor Killer: Prey 2 NOT Coming to the PS3 After All


"Contrary to a new story in EDGE magazine, Prey 2 is not being developed for the PS3"

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kewlkat0073868d ago

I will try but will not Buy "Shooters" on the PS3 anyhow. Damn controller.

Seems like the 360 gets all the treats and BETAS..these days.

Cwalat3868d ago

what are Sony up to ?
they have been really silent these couple of months.

CrazzyMan3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Isn`t PC best platform for FPS and RTS, while PS3 for other genres?
What`s the big deal here?

I think, people shouldn`t waste their time on such news in future.

sonarus3868d ago

i predict a port sooner or later. Not like i care for the game. Played the demo was kinda lame if you ask me

mikeslemonade3868d ago

Seeing as PS3 has 3 great exclusive FPS games coming this year and 360 so far has none until now this is not a huge deal. Assuming Prey 2 comes out next year 360 has no exclusive great FPS games for 2008.

gambare3868d ago

I'm tired of generic FPS they are boring, I bought my PS3 for good exclusives and good games.

masterg3868d ago

Comon guys.

The 360 deserve good games too.
I wasn't a fan of the first Prey but I'm sure they have stepped it up.

It might be a smart more to only do it on the 360. That way they have a change of delivering it in 08 where as far as I know there isn't a single exclusive FPS on the way to the 360.

On the PS3 this game would not do well at all right now. Going up against Resistance, Killzone, Haze and all the other non FPS would absolutely kill a smaller title like this.

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Expy3868d ago

"exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC"

Way to word it the wrong way.

Expy3868d ago

I think you missed the meaning of "exclusivity".

predator3868d ago

no i think you do, it will be a games for windows and 360 game, both MS so exclusive to them

jmare3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

No, he is right. While it may be MS exclusive it is not platform exclusive. This is where MS kind of screws themselves. If they had kept Bioshock, GeOW, Mass Effect and the others on the 360, or released them much, much later on PC like they do with Halo, it would force people who want to play those games to buy a 360. Now, somone with a decent computer (which you can use for other things, thereby making it a more reasonable investment) can play those games. This is in sharp contrast to PS3 and Wii exclusives where if you want to play those games, you have to buy those systems.

@ below: What the hell does that mean? That's right it isn't "console exclusive". That means there is more than one place to get it. It's sort of like being married, You are exclusively with that person (ideally), MS's idea of exclusivity on the 360 and the PC is like being married toa girl, but still having the option of banging her older sister. So any game, regarless of platform or publisher, if there is more than one way to play it, regardless if it's only on one companies platforms, it is not exclusive.
And why would you call me a lemming? i don't see myself following the crowd going to my death. But nice try though.

3868d ago
Marceles3868d ago

Exactly, they're not "console exclusives." Company exclusive maybe...but not console exclusive. If you can buy a game for more than one "console", it doesnt matter what company makes's not "console exclusive".

MikeGdaGod3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

if thats the case then people have to stop calling The Agency exclusive too because its being developed for PS3 and PC.

Richdad3868d ago

You dont see the big picture its PC+360VS PS3 not 360Vs PS3, many good titles of 360 comes on PC so do many of PC easily make their place on 360, while PS3 not supporting PC much doesnt gets any of the PC titles + many titles of PS which where exclusive earlier lost to 360 and PC.

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Expy3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Who's anyway?

Edit: The Open Zoners are going on a disagree spree!

destroyah3868d ago

Like I care. The first one sucked.

predator3868d ago

The first one was awesome, just the multiplayer was screwd but there is so much potential there to make the multiplayer great, lets hope they sort it out.

Back to it not coming on ps3, this is where having both consoles comes in handy.

cain1413868d ago

I wasn't a fan of the first one. I will probably rent the second.

Expy3868d ago

Only played the demo, and it was enough to push me away from buying the actual game.