Command & Conquer 3 Screens

Combat goodness revealed in new screens as the GDI faces down the Nod. C&C3 is due out next year and finds the Global Defense Initiative battling Kane and his Brotherhood of Nod bad boys on a near-future Earth infested with Tiberium.

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kewlkat0075886d ago

The game looks, great the only problem is I wonder if my PC will be able to run it...grrr

specialguest5886d ago

i love the C&C series, especially Red Alert. it brings back memories of the LAN parties i use to have. this new C&C looks great.

kewlkat0075886d ago

Red Alert 2 was the best I think. The russians were pretty brutal inthat one with thier nuclear weapon. I also played red alert also on PSone I think.