Lost Planet: Colonies Single-Player Modes - Info and Videos from IGN

Lost Planet: Colonies is not a sequel to last year's million-selling 360 hit. Instead, it's a re-release that throws in a bunch of new goodies for fans and the uninitiated alike. The multiplayer offers four new maps and a bunch of new modes. But the single-player is IGN's focus today. There are no new levels added, no new story elements -- just three new modes to make the campaign fresh for a second play through.

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jinn3864d ago

Lost Planet fails to be part of the elite titles

akaFullMetal3864d ago

so ps3 owners are not really missing anything to great then, since this is just a re release with some bonus material that isn't uber necessary

barom3864d ago

Nope, though it is 10$ cheaper. So it is somewhat a blow.

I'm just happy it's not one of the better titles.

KidMakeshift3864d ago

Capcom could at least give us the original voice track w/ subtitles

power of Green 3864d ago

It means you don't get it period and LP xbox fans will enjoy it based on the buzz on XBL.

You act like you're informing 360 fans, the trailer has been on XBL for days.

" ps3 owners are not really missing anything to great" no just respect an primary attention.

akaFullMetal3864d ago

just saying its not like a new game or that it has huge material added from the original copy, while some who haven't bought this game will find it attractive, its not a huge selling point

otherZinc3863d ago

I would pre-order this game. They also could give us some new stages.