Intel, Microsoft Put $20 Million Into New Research Centers

WSJ writes:"SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp. said they will spend $20 million over five years to fund two university research centers, which will explore ways to develop software for a new generation of multi-processor computer chips."

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decapitator3868d ago

Wonder what the hell they building to pour that sum of cash in it.

socomnick3868d ago

Must be a time machine :)

BrianC62343868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

That isn't much money. Are they each putting in $20 million? The amount is spread over five years. That isn't much of an R&D budget. Is it for software? If it's for anything like new processors that amount is nothing.

I see, it's R&D on making software for some multi-core processor. In five years though it will be very outdated. Multi-core could be replaced by something brand new.

killax35633868d ago

That's true, it isn't much money. Especially compared to the billions Sony, IBM and Toshiba spent on Cell research.

But this is University research we are talking other words cheap labor. We are talking about Grad students slaving away at crap wages. I would hate to be the grad student slaving away at this crap, getting paid little but essentially being managed by MS and Intel.

kewlkat0073868d ago

gets one of these or better
Oh they are getting ready.

Just like I predict in my comments on that thread. Multi-threaded Apps and such is where we are headed.

I got a feeling PS3's "CELL" architecture will be the last you see in Consoles. It's all about the Individual multi/triple cores.

killax35633867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Hey noob, Cell is multi-core. Cell has 8 cores.

Phil Harrison Mk43867d ago

...Cr*p!!! ;-D
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z

jinn3867d ago

i bet sony would never do anything supportive like this