Top 10 Cutest Pokemon That Can Kill You

WARNING: Check with the Pokemon trainer before petting these potentially dangerous critters.

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Jack Bauer3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

i only recognize like 3 of them... 150 + mew FTW!!! i lost track after that.

can jigglypuff really kill you? i remember he sang them to sleep and then wrote on their face with markers

Bonsai12143919d ago

i can't agree more. original 150 + mew. everything after that sucked.

Danja3919d ago

agreed they should have just stuck with the orginal 150....the others sucked big time...

idk but jigglypuff....can kill yah if he gets angry....i havent watch pokemon in years so i could be

TwissT3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Just by looking at the headline I instantly knew that this was a Gamedaily article.

Edit: You know whats sad? I actually know who all these pokemon are... and I'm 16 0.o

Farsendor13919d ago

you know it doesn't really matter how old you are nothing is really wrong with pokemon yeah it may not be for older teens or adults but really its nothing to hate on. just an anime show for kids

im 19 and i recognize them also i do not watch the anime but the games are great

jadenkorri3919d ago

WHERE WAS show was were great

RecSpec3919d ago

I don't know, the first season was addictive, Gary was awesome as hell (mostly due to his car and his stable of cheerleaders)

Danja3919d ago

lol....a disagree for saying Mew...

Mew ftw..!!

RecSpec3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

What's with all the Pikachu clones? Glad I stopped after yellow.

Seriously though, Abra. If he wanted to he could psychically snap your neck.

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