Xbox Murderer Sentenced To 20+ Years

A man who killed his 17-month-old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox was sentenced Thursday to more than two decades in prison. Tyrone Spellman, 27, of Philadelphia, killed Alayiah Turman with at least five blows to the head, prosecutors said. The force of the blows cracked the toddler's skull several times.

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decapitator4497d ago

He deserves it. Why anyone would do such a thing to a little girl is beyond me. My heart goes out to the little girl's mother.

Harry1904497d ago i hope noone posts something crappy
related to can be a fanatic,but there
are some things you should not joke about.

Massacre4497d ago

How can anyone disagree with you guys ? WOW...

4497d ago
iAmPS34497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

As far as I know he could be playing Monopoly and the same would happen.

The guy is completely sick and I pray that something like that never happen again to any other woman in this world.

God Have Mercy on Us.

RecSpec4497d ago

The only way I could see people disagreeing with this is the length. Twenty years, are you kidding me? (I wasn't one of those disagrees, just trying to rationalize their thoughts)

fenderputty4497d ago

He should have got the chair. Taking a child's life is the absolute low if you ask me. They didn't even get to grow to experience their first kiss etc etc. I think killing is wrong in general but, killing a child seems to carry more weight then killing a full grown adult that can at least fend for themselves.

lalilulelo4497d ago

you know what? i think he shuold have a death sentence. who would deserve to live, this fanatic or that little girl? thats y he should go to hell

Harry1904497d ago

kind of funny.please point out what was wrong with my comment.

oktobeme4497d ago

That is why I say death sentence immediately after the trial!! Harry, read what you said. Honestly, some people.

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TriggerHappy4497d ago

What an asshole. Glad he got sentenced.

FirstknighT4497d ago

It's an ugly world we live in.

Tsalagi4497d ago

I hope he spends all twenty of those years being bubba's b!tch.

iAmPS34497d ago

and people say I am crazy when I post things like:

Sony PublicRelations4497d ago

Poor kid suffered the full fury of the RROD.

oktobeme4497d ago

I take it you are a PS fan boy. That is ok. We all have our favorites. I personally will pay for my American product first. JMHO.

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The story is too old to be commented.