Famitsu reveals MGS4 bundle pricing details, MGS1 for PSN

Apparently, the dudes over at Japan's Famitsu have gotten into a sudden bit of Solid Snake-lovin'. This week's publication has unveiled new details about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles, and an upcoming MGS1 release to PSN.

With regard to MGS4, the magazine indicates that the game's stock Blu-Ray release will cost ¥ 8,800 (US$ 91). The MGS4 special edition pack, which will carry the game plus a disc containing trailers and a making-of video, will cost ¥ 9,800 (US$ 101).

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Joey Gladstone3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

but then again what was the final price for the Halo Limited Edition Pack? I believe it came with a Helmet or something also (Not bashing...seriously want to know the price difference)...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

sonarus3870d ago

i would pay but i would definitely be pissed off

Homicide3870d ago

The pricing is only for Japan. It'll most likely cost $60 in the states.

ianp6223870d ago

A conversion rate doesn't give you an exact representation of how much a game is worth. There can be big differences even with the same currency. For example, a $50,000 salary in California is worth a lot less than a $50,000 salary on the East Coast because of the cost of living. Then imagine how big the difference is across different currencies.

EZCheez3870d ago

It's good to see someone else on this site that understands that not only are conversion rates a factor, but so is cost of living. A lot of people can't seem to grasp it.

In the Navy, we actually receive bonus cost of living payments based on where we live.

grilledgorlupa83870d ago

Its why you see people on cruise lines working minimum wage for all the insane amount of work they do. When they go back to where they live they can retire pretty rich. I talked to one of the guys working once saying that he could basically retire at age 40 and have a house on the beach.

Also why you see a lot of doctors and scientists from countries where their country is not stable working jobs as taxi man etc. and sending their money back to their family.

One of my friends that was from Ukraine was one of top ranked opera singers in his country and a professional doctor and now is a checker in a grocery store sending money back to his kids.

JimmyHACK3870d ago

With the US dollar falling hugely over the past few months and past year.. especially the last two months hurts any importers of newer titles.. they have to cover their original cost.. it's not that the price is high.. it's that the US dollar isn't worth sh*t.

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sephiroths_revenge3870d ago

This guy is the Leader of all of you BIG gays in the open zone

sephiroths_revenge3870d ago

This definaley isnt ture unless its a limited editoon pack

NovusTerminus3870d ago

I think this is the suggested retail price... Which is always higher then what is charged.

niall773870d ago

the 60 euro game rrp = 94USD

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