New Young Justice: Legacy Screenshots Revealed

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Cartoon Network hit series comes Young Justice: Legacy, a new generation of superheroes who are protégées of Batman, Superman and other great heroes. Set for release this autumn, publisher Namco Bandai Game Europe has revealed a selection of new screenshots from the forthcoming videogame.

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FamilyGuy1995d ago

critically acclaimed... yet cancelled :/

ABizzel11995d ago

Best DC show in a long time. It's a shame.

Moncole1995d ago

Because CN would wather air a bad show than a good show.

sourav931994d ago

The graphics looked really bad in the screenshots. Pretty sure it looked much better than that during gameplay.

jakmckratos1994d ago

looks like garbage! young garbage!

kirbyu1994d ago

I like how the scenery looks realistic, but the characters don't.