Earthbound rated for Australian release

Retro fans around the world still don't quite believe that Nintendo will make good on its promise to bring Earthbound to the Wii U Virtual Console this year, but more and more signs are suggesting it's really happening. The latest? The Australian Classification Board posting a simple update, rating the game for local release.

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animegamingnerd1995d ago

maybe we will get it some time in a couple months then (:

o-Sunny-o1995d ago

Best Nintendo RPG ever sorry Pokemon your 2nd place to me.

RaymondM1995d ago

No crying until the release date.
I cannot wait for the north American release, I'm going to buy a WiiU for this reason alone

catch1995d ago

If I didn't already have a WiiU I would buy one for it as well.. And I still have my original snes cartridge.