Devil's Third is still in development

Itagaki recently celebrated his birthday with the staff of his company, Valhalla Game Studios.
A picture was posted on the official Valhalla Game Studios website with a message that indicated the much anticipated action game, Devil’s Third, is still in the works.

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xYLeinen2046d ago

Good to hear..

I expect to hear some more from Itagaki this upcoming E3, and I suspect we will get our hands on a demo even..

nukeitall2045d ago

I would love to get a demo. I can't wait for Itagaki's next game. The game sounds really bad ass!

Ninja Gaiden lost it's mojo after Itagaki left, but hey now we get a new ip hopefully.

Can't wait!!!

Jek_Porkins2045d ago

Good to hear, it sucks that Ninja Gaiden hasn't been the same since this guy left.

mricecreamman2045d ago

finally it's still in works, but the question is when??!!

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