Point Blank DS Next Week

Just a quick little blurb about Point Blank DS, the Nintendo DS conversion of Namco's quick-paced accuracy-based light gun shooter: the company informs IGN that the game ships to North American stores next week.

Point Blank DS essentially takes everything established in the arcade and PlayStation renditions and turns them touch-sensitive -- instead of using a handheld light gun to do the job, players instead blast away at the targets by tapping on them with the system stylus. Speed and accuracy are key in this game, and players will have to prove just how well they can handle their weapon in several dozen challenges in single and two player mode.


6 PS1 Games That Need Sequels on PS4

By Tom Orry
After Steve decided to reminisce (something I didn't know he could do) about PS2 games, it seemed only fair to also look at the PS1 to see which games need to come back. Here is a completely non-definitive list of games I thought of in a 15-minute period.

I've put PS4 in the headline for SEO purposes, but many of these could feasibly arrive on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo platforms. I love all platforms equally (some of the time).

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elarcadia2816d ago

Pandemonium. Tomba. Parasite Eve. Legend of Dragoon. Ape Escape. I mean, the list could go on forever.

Relientk772816d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi
Tactics Ogre
Legend of Dragoon
Crash Bandicoot
Silent Bomber

2816d ago
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Bring it back: Point Blank

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