MTV- Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

MTV:"Blood Dragon" in a lot of ways is a perfect way to experience vanilla "Far Cry 3" without getting too invested. For 15 bucks (1200 MS Points), Ubisoft smartly detatches the main game and narrative threads of an island hopping, male power fantasy featuring a douchey 20 something for... a male power fantasy featuring a retro throwback of douchey action star. A mouthy look at some of the best (and worst) of what 80's and 90's action movies had to offer -- it's that mid-afternoon cable movie that you've just woken up to after passing out drunk on the couch, bathed in the dim glow of your TV set. Shirtless and confused, you stumble for the remote to turn it off but something compels you to perervere through your stupor because you just saw the most kickass and ridiculous action sequence of any action movie worth its salt.

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Jackhass2047d ago

There need to be more games like this.