Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition Coming To Next-Generation Consoles

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition was recently rated by ESRB, confirming that the spin-off will be coming to current and next-generation consoles.

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RaidenBlack79d ago

Arguably the most 'fun' standalone Far Cry title.

camel_toad78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

You won't get an argument from me :]

Orchard78d ago

+1 this. Great that it's getting a next gen upgrade.

ActualWhiteMan78d ago

Again, these are Current Gen consoles for a while now... not Next Gen ffs.

chicken_in_the_corn78d ago

Why do people get so worked up about this?

BrettAwesome78d ago

Well, not to all those that can't get one. Like me. I haven't even seen an actual PS5 in real life. To me, it's very much the NEXT gen I'll be owning 😁

JackBNimble77d ago

Yeah go buy a next console to play ports and remakes because they sure aren't making new games.
Maybe sony should have waited a year to release the ps5.

It's got to be the worst launch line up in the history of consoles.

BrettAwesome77d ago

Oh yeah? Compared to what? Series X? 😂

autobotdan78d ago

This game has been available on a current gen console Xbox Series and past gen console Xbox one for years now

JEECE78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

That version does not include all the bells and whistles that a native next gen version will include. You already knew this, of course.

porkChop78d ago

And neither will this because it's not a remaster. Far Cry 3 got a Classic Edition, and it was just the PC version ported straight to newer consoles. That's why Ubisoft calls them "classic" editions, they're just lazy ports of the original games.

FinalFantasyFanatic78d ago

I actually can't get the game running on PC nowadays, I've tried and I just can't get it to go, maybe I'll buy this version when it comes out.

BrettAwesome78d ago

And you can play PS1 games on PS2. Neeeeeeext!!

BlaqMagiq178d ago

That's nice. Can't wait to play this on PS5.

autobotdan78d ago

You can't wait to purchase the same game again on your ps5 Blaq? I got the game free as a games with gold title and it works just fine on my xbox series x

SoulWarrior78d ago

Not everything revolves around the system with the lowest install base having BC.

BlaqMagiq177d ago

Never owned the game before, but nice assumption. Also, I will be playing a better version while you "own" an inferior version.

Also, you didn't get the game for free because you had to purchase XBL Gold to "own" it. Nice try tho.

autobotdan77d ago

Nice ASSUMPTION that I had to pay for Xbox Live Gold. I haven't had to pay for my Xbox Live Gold for the last 7 years. There is such a thing called Xbox Live Rewards hello. Lots of people never pay for Xbox Live Gold. A whole lot of us never pay for online multiplayer on Xbox. Therefore I got my Far Cry 3 Blood Money 100% free from microsoft

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neutralgamer199278d ago

Yes please and on physical media please so we can preserve this awesome expansion

autobotdan78d ago

They didn't release Far Cry 3 classic edition on physical

BlaqMagiq178d ago

Umm yes they did. I have it sitting on my shelf right now. Want proof it exists?

autobotdan78d ago

Not in my country. It was digital only here

autobotdan78d ago

It's sitting on your shelf right now a physical Playstation 4 copy that dies not work on your Playstation 5

BlaqMagiq177d ago

Digital copies can be taken away when the servers are turned off or Sony/Microsoft bans your account. I'd rather have full ownership of my game than a company control how I own my game, thank you.

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autobotdan78d ago

Oops I got the far cry games mixed up. Oh well

psforward78d ago

Mark IV style Mothaf*****!

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