When Will we get Xbox 720 and PS4 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 be revealed?

Shortly after Sony reveal the PlayStation 4 in February, there has been a lot of talk over Kingdom Hearts 3 on social media which some expected it when Square Enix was present at the special event.

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ShugaCane1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

"with Disney’s acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm (creator of Star Wars), there will be a huge collection of franchises and characters to choose from"

I certainly do not want any Marvel or Star Wars character to be part of the Kingdom Hearts universe, ever. That would be completely inappropriate and would ruin the magic and poetry of the games. Well, that's my opinion, but I really do hope it's SE's too.

ZoyosJD1997d ago

Marvel would be pretty awkward to add in, but I could see something from the clone wars cartoon fitting in quite well.

Still title is flamebait and article is speculation.

Hicken1997d ago

Still trying to puzzle my way through the title, but it appears they think that Xbox, which hasn't seen a single piece of KH yet, will be getting the next one.

Is that correct?

panbit861997d ago

Yeah, ps exclusives still keep them up at nights...

WeAreLegion1997d ago

Haha. I honestly have NO idea...

Twignberries1997d ago

I don't even bother reading these bad English articles. If they can't spend the time to actually word things correctly then it's a half assed attempt at an article from the get go

ichimaru1995d ago

considering that the last kingdom hearts game on any console was released on the Ps2, why is this surprising? moreover when was the last SE exclisive period

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J0Scorpionake1997d ago

Loved the series, but unfortunatly I dont see another title being released any time soon with the new consoles boom.