A Future In Football

A brief look at the possible future of football related video games.

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Pyrrhus1992d ago

I see a bright future if 2k sports can make their own variation of NFL games.

Akuma2K1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I really hope the exclusive deal truly is over at the end of this year and the NFL does NOT renew the deal with EA, 2K sports needs to revitalize the football game genre in the worst way because Madden hasn't done jack shit to innovate the genre since EA got the license.....for this very reason i still play NFL 2K5 to this day until 2K sports makes a comeback.

The NFL has to realize the competition is good for everyone, it makes companies create better games and when there is none games became stagnant and complacent and start moving like pond water (everything stops).

NYC_Gamer1992d ago

I won't be buying another football game until 2K is allowed to create NCAA/NFL games

Armyntt1992d ago

I liked 2k sports games back in the day but to say that all they do is a roster update is just plain ignorance. I wish 2k would return because football games are the most entertaining to me so another game would just be icing.

bohemian 231991d ago

He didn't say that's all they do, he said that's usually the biggest change between seasons. I 100% agree with that. I miss the 2k games.

Mookie1992d ago

Forget 2k,......... Sony San Diego