Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for PS3 is an Ode to '80s Cheese (2D-X)

We can’t let the ’80s go. The remakes and sequels to movies from that era — like Miami Vice, Die Hard, and Tron — are proof enough. Then, somewhere along the way, our nostalgia for that decadent decade gave rise to “neo-80s”, a mini-movement in film, music, and games that repackages the neon colors and synthesized soundtracks into new experiences. Ryan Gosling’s 2011 crime film Drive, with its flamingo font and electro-pop score, may be the mainspring of this new sub-genre. Since then, games like Double Dragon Neon, Hotline Miami, and Retro City Rampage emerged, almost certainly inspired by Drive and our collective memory of VHS tapes and NES carts. As a fan of action movies with practical effects, electro synth, and 8-bit games — and everything I just name-dropped in this intro — I’d love to see more games (and media in general) recapture that style. Like closely-related cyberpunk, which materialized in the 80s and was codified by works like 1982′s Blade Runner, these tropes and atmospheres speak directly to my tastes.

Enter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a stand-alone $15 PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 downloadable title that’s dripping in ’80s aesthetics.

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