Do Fighters Need Story?

All you needed for a fighting game to be compelling is two characters on screen beating the crap out of each other, right? What's with all the story stuff then?

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fsfsxii1995d ago

Yes, imo to know the connections between characters and the situation. Not all fighters should have a good story like Injustice, it should be just good.

dedicatedtogamers1995d ago

I would normally say no, but I play Tekken just for the cool and goofy cutscenes. And P4 Arena had a really good story. So yeah stories can be cool.

MyNutsYourChin1995d ago

Hell yea. Especially if it's a good story. I'd say each character needs their own. It beats playing online with a bunch of lifewastes who have nothing better to do.

e-p-ayeaH1995d ago

Of course they do without it the game praticly doesnt have a soul.

i heard that Soul Calibur 5 had a pretty weak story and fans are upset with that.

blackbirdi1995d ago

i really miss a story mode in virtua fighter:/

Deadpool6161995d ago

Yeah, I agree. Virtua Fighter could have been better if they present some type of story for their characters ingame. I shouldn't have to figure it out by reading the game's manual, or by looking it up online. It helps the player get invested when they get to see each character's goal and that goal get accomplished.

I think it's also a contributing factor as to why it isn't as popular as other fighting games that show the story. As fun and strategic as the fighting gameplay is, it's disappointing not to see what motivates the characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.