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The Games You Can Only Get on Xbox 360

Here's a list of current and upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive titles. Read on to check out the games you will need an Xbox 360 to play this Christmas and beyond

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specialguest6454d ago

out of all of those exclusives, the only "must have" for me is Mass Effect. i love the sci-fi theme of that game. the rest im sure are excellent games, but nothing that'll make me rush out to buy a 360 during this quarter.

BIadestarX6454d ago

Why do you bother posting comments on a 360 article. It is proven no matter what the 360 brings it will not be better than the worst PS3 game it will not be good enough, hence why the world fanboy exist.

power of Green 6454d ago

He's about average not nearly as extream as others. At least he makes it seem like he giving MS a fair chance.(No offense to folks that are not interested in more than one console)

specialguest6454d ago

i post where ever the hell i want to post. got that kid. im not bound by your stupid fanboy rules of "you stay on your side, i stay on mine". you live in this online forum world where you're at war..console war. as for myself, i don't care about your console war world. i tell it like it is and give my opinions on things whether good or bad. it's easy to mistaken an opinion different from yours as fanboyism.

TheMART6453d ago

Out of all the PS3 exclusives, there WAS only one that got my attention, Resistance. But after the footage of lately, showing a boring, straight down COD3 clone with aliens and shooting powerbar in different colours I can declare there is NOTHING on the PS3 anymore paying 600+ dollars for.

And now beat it

If you don't want Gears of War, Huxley, Too Human, Forza 2, Fable 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Viva Piniata, Lost World, Kameo, PGR3/4, Moto GP 06, Alan Wake, Shadowrun (first Live anywhere game) and for example Bioshock (were I remember you were drewling on when some PS magazine said "It's coming to the PS3, trust us") there is something wrong with ya

6453d ago
Donkey Slayer6453d ago (Edited 6453d ago )

just read other comments from him, it would hard to find somebody more close-minded than him. Every topic he tries to star flame-wars, just like this one. One day you'll figure it out that different people have different tastes.

on topic, I voted lame as the list isn't accurate and all those games are not exclusive.

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shotty6454d ago

There sure alot of games being developed by microsoft game studios.

Anerythristic266454d ago

I'll try: Alan Wake - Blue Dragon - Crackdown - Fable 2 - Forza - Gears - Halo 3 - Mass Effect - Too Human - Viva Pinata- Bio Shock - Kane & Lynch - Lost Planet - Star Trek. HAHA Those are the games I know I'm getting. I'm glad I did my research and got a 360.

The Snake6454d ago

There are a lot of good games on that list. This makes me happy.

no_more_heroes6453d ago

See the difference between the upcoming list and current list? During the time period of the upcoming games the 360 is going to sell like hotcakes covered in cr@ck!