Just Cause a Big Hit in Great Britain

The weekly sales numbers have been announced by the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association in the U.K. and the open-world overthrow simulator is holding on to the top slot. The game has not been a huge success in the United States, after some not-so-nice reviews cooled gamer interest.

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Daewoodrow5896d ago

that's odd... I don't see why people over here would be any more interested in the game than in the US.

It wouldn't surprise me if it's because people here lack excitement. Or maybe we just don't read reviews.

Yo Wassap5896d ago

The game was fantastic (apart from the cutscenes). I don't see how it could have got such bad reviews in the first place. It wasn't supposed to be realistic, just fun and that's what i got out of the box.

deepio5896d ago

IGN US gave the game 6.8 and IGN UK gave it 8.8. Wierd hey! I actually enjoyed the demo but read the reviews and that naah. Might give it a rental.

USMChardcharger5896d ago

yeah i was wondering if the retail had any difference from the demo. does anyone who owns the game have info.

if so thanks for taking the time to let us know.

(i agree with Yo Wassap. i took the game (played demo) like you where playing an action movie rather than a real life agent going at it. just pure fun.)

Mikey_Gee5896d ago

Maybe it was just the Demo, but this game did NOTHING for me !!

borgome5896d ago (Edited 5896d ago )

bud, that demo was brutal. Just the feel and the conrol of the game was horrible. This type of game should be on the PS2, not even close to what a 360 game should be.

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