Pixelitis Picks: The most utterly deplorable game box art

"What makes a game’s box art so fantastic?

A lot of things, and much of it relies on the eye of the beholder, but you can very well bet that some of the coolest-looking box art covers come from some talented people who know how to craftily convey the sense of a studio’s game into a single image. Even with the sale of digital games rising to enormous heights in recent years, there’s always some sort of piece of art or icon that you’ll be looking at.

This kind of stuff can make or break the sale of a game, so it’s vital that it stands out and entices the potential buyer."

- Pixelitis Staff

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maniacmayhem1993d ago

Pleeease this article hasn't even touched what bad box art is... May I present

Yea, that just happened!

Skate-AK1993d ago

Hahaha that's so bad. I have never seen that.

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