Sanctum 2 Video Preview TGH

Sanctum 2 is just right around the corner so we decided to get some hands-on time with the title for PC.

Check out Ferelinstincts as he tries his hand at Sanctum 2 below.

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ShadyDevil4064d ago

Game looks pretty good. Might have to check it out when it releases or at least the first one.

ATi_Elite4064d ago

Sorta of a FPS/Tower Defense/RTS Hybrid Co-op Game.

LOOKS good


Sanctum and Sanctum 2 are free this week on Steam

Steam has announced that the tower defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum and its sequel Sanctum 2 will be free from now til next Sunday.

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Sanctum 2 Made Majority of Profits on PC – Importance of Steam Exposure

SteamFirst: Here is another example of how the front page advertisement on the Steam site holds a huge value. This brings up the concern that we have mentioned before here on the site regarding how older titles are being dumped onto Steam, taking up valuable featured new release space.

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Humble Bundle Weekly Sale CO-OP Bundle

The new Humble Bundle is out and has 7 co-op games! This weeks Humble Bundle proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity and Am ...

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