Xbox 720 Will Most Likely Have the Same Controller

The Xbox 360 controller is the iconic video game controller of this generation. It has just the right amount of buttons and complexity to support all the actions needed for today’s games. With a highly liked and functional controller it wouldn't be surprising if the Xbox 720 has the same controller as the Xbox 360, just look at what the Wii U did.

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MonkeyNinja2632d ago

I never liked the stick layout on 360 controller. Just my opinion.

Root2632d ago

It's nice when playing First Person Shooters and Driving games but any thing other then that, especialy fighting games it's just not that good in my opinion

It's why I think the Dualshock is still a great controller even today, it's adaptable when playing many different genres and even then it's still good for first person shooters and driving games.

All this "it's too small" crap just came out of no where...I mean no one had a problem with it before the 360 with the Dualshock and the Dualshock 2

Jake_Maguire2632d ago

We were all teens then. Plus nobody complained about standard definition until HD came along. It's called progression.

Root2632d ago

Standard definition wasn't one of those "If it aint broke don't fix it" things while the Dualshock kind of was.....all it needs with each new DS is small improvements which they've done for the DS4.

Jake_Maguire2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

What was so broken with SD before HD came along? Please enlighten me because this I gotta hear.
Go ahead...

Here's the gist of it, modern design/tech will almost always render old /tech obsolete and/or archaic.

maniacmayhem2632d ago

"I mean no one had a problem with it before the 360 with the Dualshock and the Dualshock 2"

HUH!? That's because no one had anything to compare it too.


I disagree and agree with. I agree that the 360 controller sucks for fighters but I think its perfect for all other game genres. I also agree that the DS is great for some fighter like tekken but sucks for six button fighters. I disagree about the DS being good for fps. To me the thumb sticks are to close and my thumbs tend to rub or slip off the controller.

NeverEnding19892632d ago

The Xbox 360 controller is one of the greatest ever. See reviews and any top 10 lists for proof. Not to mention the total lack of complaints (including the d-pad which Microsoft fixed). Also the many similarities between the Xbox 360 controller and the PS4 and Wii U controllers.

Grip change, battery change, possibly a share button (not needed). These are changes we'll see, but otherwise it's essentially the perfect controller. No change needed. When compared to the Dualshock, it desperately needed change and it may have taken Sony 2 generations, but they finally changed it. There has been no major complaints towards the Xbox 360 controller, that's why it'll most likely remain the same.

kickerz2632d ago

Actually your kinda wrong. The only style of game the xbox controller aint too good at is fighting games (like you said) but thats it. If they fix the D pad like NYC_gamer stated below, it will be the perfect controller. whenever i pick up a playstation controller it just feels so cramped and uncomfortable. (just my opinion)

DOMination-2632d ago

Its definitely rubbish for 2d games. Its gard to fix the dpad because Sony has a patent on it but i hope MS find a solution. The transforming dpad was better but still not as good as the dualshock. Other than this, there are no problems with it.

2632d ago

It's funny how people just don't understand the point in having assymetrical sticks. The idea wasn't ever to have your hands positioned assymetrically, but instead to keep a confortable grip while you use the left stick and the face buttons.

Yet we keep hearing how it's great for shooters... No it isn't! In shooters you control both sticks most of the time, so much that the most used actions (like shoot or zoom) are assigned to shoulder buttons instead of face buttons (you only have 2 thumbs after all), so it would be better off with a symetrical layout.

And just like in shooters, you control the camera all the time for most modern games, in fact that's why most action games today are said to have shooter mechanics even if you don't have a gun, you want to "aim" (look at your objective) all the time, instead of the old fixed camera (when you usually just look at your character's actions).

In fact, the best scenario for assymetric sticks is exactly that, a fixed/automatic camera, when you have one thumb on the left stick and the other on the face buttons of such a controller you are gripping evenly with both hands. So you could say that said controller would be great for fighting games (even 2D fighters as long as you play on the stick, if you go for the D-pad you are holding it assymetrically again), sidescollers, some hack'n'slash (ironically God of War still uses a fixed camera better suited to 360 controller) and most RPGs (not so much on WRPGs as they are usually played with shooter mechanics, but indeed they still use face buttons a lot).

Looking through that logic it seens the genres people praise the most on 360 are better suited for PS3 controllers and the other way around is also true (fighter - on sticks -, h&s and RPGs on PS3 you never get a perfect grip), which alone should make me sound crazy enough for you to stop reading.

Still, I guess most people simply don't get the real practical difference between symetric and assymetric sticks... Which actually is minimal. The fact you are gripping differently with each hand will only lead you to disconfort after at least some 4 hours playing straight, a controller is simply not heavy enough to couse such an effect much long before. So the whole layout wars going here is really making a volcano out of an ant hill.

End of the day I guess we'll just get used to either one we play the most and than come back with absurd claims about which controller have the better layout when in fact it has little to do with layout and a lot more to do with shape preferences (heavily dependent on your hands shape and size) and components quality (like PS3 is perceived as better for fighters because of the better D-Pad or 360 in shooter for the better analog sticks)... One thing I guess we can all agree through, there's no such a thing as a perfect layout for every game and surely not a perfect controller for every gamer.

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maddfoxx2632d ago

The d-pad on the 360 controller makes playing fighters impossible.

NYC_Gamer2632d ago

That's fine long as the D pad is improved

sak5002632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Agreed. I have 5 controllers and hope they are compatible with 720. The only beef was teh D-pad and they had already improved it recently but those controllers they were selling separately.

PS2/3 controllers on the other hand feel so plasticy and small and both sticks in center cause cramps.

IronFistChinMi2632d ago

It's already confirmed that they use a different wireless technology for Durango pads, so you won't be able to use your 360 ones.

JeffGUNZ2632d ago

Nothings confirmed, as MS hasn't said anything but a date when they will reveal it. You're gong off "leaked" info which isn't fact.

sak5002631d ago


MS hasn't officially even acknowledged existence of 720 and yet you have confirmed report of different wireless technology? Care to share the link?

kickerz2632d ago

agreed, also maybe make the sticks a bit more tuff, if u run around alot in Halo, you have to push the stick in, and after many many hours of playing the outer plastic bit on the stick wears off a little, but yeah other then that its fine.

mcstorm2632d ago

Nyc I agree but I would like it to be as light as the Wiiu pro controller include rechargeable batterys and improve the dpad. I think if they do that they will have the best controller again. I like what Sony have added to the ds4 but I always get cramp when using a Sony controller. I have since the ds4 as I have quite big hands.

WildArmed2631d ago

Agreed. Only complaint of mine for the 360 controller.

Though I never really played fighting games so it's luckily never been an issue.

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Qrphe2632d ago

I wish they'd go back to the S controller. That controller had better triggers and a better d-pad.

colonel1792632d ago

I loved Xbox S controller! Better than 360's in my opinion. I wonder what they will come up with this time around.

360 and S controllers are some of the best controllers, but the most comfortable one is Gamecube's.

I had never liked the Dualshock controller until I got a PS3 and now I love it. The new Dualshock 4 is looking much more improved and comfortable.

Jake_Maguire2632d ago

Change the D-pad. Perfect controller for man sized gamer hands.

Riderz13372632d ago

And what would you define as "man sized gamer hands". So because I dislike the 360 controller my hands aren't "manly"?

zebramocha2632d ago

@bitby funny! :) 

Riderz13372632d ago Show
BitbyDeath2631d ago

Wait so man hands means you have small hands? I always thought it were the opposite. If you had large/regular size hands you'd have a bigger circumference between your index and thumb and would not find it so hard to reach the buttons and sticks all at once.

Think we should rename man hands to midget or just plain small hands. IMO

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Denethor_II2631d ago

"Change the D-pad. Perfect controller for man sized gamer hands."

For fat North American hands.

Bigpappy2632d ago

That would be great if true. It would save me some good cash. Plus the 360 controller is already quite comfy.

T22632d ago

I find it too fat , requires you to push in with index finger hurting the inside ... I dunno could be me ... Size is ok but too thick, heavy and AA batteries? Room for improvements

sak5002632d ago

The controller are for avg sized males not small dwarfs.

flyingmunky2632d ago

That is exactly why Microsoft will not allow you to use your old controller. They will not pass up a chance to accessorize the new console to pick up more money.

ichimaru2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

correct me if im wrong, but hasn't Every console launched a new controller design? ds2,3, and4 aren't compatible, why is ms "money hungry" for launching a new stick

KaBaW2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Well, that would be because Sony is the 'perfect' company who only create and use new controllers for chances of improvements. Duuuuh.

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