Sony To Recall 300,000 More Laptop Batteries?

This Reuters story reports that Sony could recall as many as 300,000 more laptop batteries in its own laptops in the wake of several PC makers issuing recalls of Sony made batteries in their own laptops. Sony has admitted to recalling 60,000 laptop batteries in Japan for its own products but a Japanese business daily reports that number could be as high as 300,000 batteries. Sony also said it is reviewing its full year financial forcast to see if they need to revise them "taking into account various factors that could affect our group earnings."

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specialguest6432d ago

add the cost of replacing those batteries with the additional cost of possible punitive damages.

icdedppl6432d ago

how is this game related again?

OutLaw6432d ago

It's game related because the company that's making the PS3 has some serious financial problems and this doesn't help them at all. So if you're buying a PS3 you would like to feel comfortable about the company who you buy from and not worry if they are about to go bankrupt from stuff like this.

BIadestarX6432d ago

Strange; a while back I posted the same news, with the very same picture and it got rejected.

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The DevGAMM conference is returning to Lisbon (Portugal) on November 14th, 2024

"Following a great event in November of last year, DevGAMM Lisbon is coming back to the beautiful and sunny Cascais region to catch up with old friends, connect with game developers from around the world, hear from seasoned professionals, and have a great time all around." - DevGAMM.


Why Indie Games Fail To Keep Their Place In The Spotlight

A look into the sad trajectory of indie games from high successful releases to complete irrelevancy in just a few weeks or months.

shaenoide23h ago

Easy not enough developpers to add content to the game (palworld)

Profchaos23h ago

That's the thing with gaming there's always new experiences to have why spend months or years playing a single game when there's a new experience right around the corner.

Indie or AAA if your building your game expecting long term player counts you'll probably be disappointed as gamers often enjoy something for a few weeks and move on only to return if it's truely a classic.

Out of all the generations I've experienced there's games from 30 plus years ago I still dust off and play like super Mario bros, earthbound, vice city and san Andreas being games I treasure and revisit every few years but I'm not going back to play a game designed to keep me engaged for months on end because it's also designed to milk my wallet in most cases.

Build a great game that people love make it playable offline and ask does it matter if the concurrent player count is under 100 a year post launch more often that not it doesn't

P_Bomb19h ago

The price of entry is too high to take chances like I used to. Was looking at V Rising and that ranges from $50-$130 CAD. That’s a lot for an indie imo. By the time it goes on sale, the player count might be dwindling. But that’s the trade-off, I guess.

Si-Fly16h ago

I’m glad my preference is single player experiences, Indie devs got me covered 👊🏻

Flewid63815h ago

Indie devs dont make multiplayer games?

Si-Fly13h ago

Read the article dude 👍🏻

Flewid63812h ago

Read the article. Same question.


Nordic Game has just revealed the winners of Nordic Game Awards 2024

"Nordic Game has revealed the winners of this year’s Nordic Game Awards, which took place on Thursday, May 23, during NG24 Spring and streamed live from Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden." - Nordic Game.