The Problem With PlayStation Mobile – Developers Speak Out

Sony’s answer to Apple’s blossoming App Store, PlayStation Mobile, kicked off with such a strong, well supported launch that it was always going to struggle to maintain momentum. Originally designed to cater for both major developers and “snack sized” titles from bedroom coders, the service has shifted since gamescom last year into something that appears to only attract indies. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, of course, but where are the likes of SEGA and TECMO, two big names previously “behind” the platform?

Brighton-based Futurlab pushed PSM (as it’s known) fairly hard though, at least at first. A trio of launch titles (including cute puzzler Slidin’ Beats) suitably priced meant that they picked up a fair amount of the initial traction when the service first appeared. And the initial batch of titles from elsewhere, including indie darling Super Crate Box, represented a diverse enough offering. “We’ve had a good experience with PSM,” Futurlab’s James Marsden told The...

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jujubee882007d ago

One of which is the fact there is only one non-game app.

HyperBear2007d ago

They should also offer the app through the Google Play Store instead of having to download it from Sony and install it manually. Also, making more phones/tablets as PlayStation Certified, besides Sony and HTC products, would also increase the install base for the platform.

I do believe Sony should keep them apart from each other. PlayStation Mobile has it's own place within the Android phone/tablet ecosystem, then the PS Store/PS Network for dedicated PlayStation devices...However, all PlayStation content should be available to browse and purchase through the PSN web-store at least (for starters, until they decide to drop PlayStation mobile altogether or unify all their PlayStation services under the same network)

darthv722007d ago

demos of these mobile games available to play on the vita. Or possibly if you are a plus member, you should get some of these mobile titles as part of that membership.

Give something to the consumers to try out.

BrianC62342007d ago

It sure would help if they mentioned the games on the US blog. The only way to know if anything new is up is to check it yourself. Why can't they make a post on the US blog at least? That shouldn't be too hard.

Soldierone2007d ago

Sony has too much on their plate at times, so ideas like this get shafted. How to fix it:

-Advertise it. I honestly wouldn't know it existed if I didn't have a Vita.

-Make it accessible. I have an Xperia Play, and I still don't know how the hell to get the app on my phone....

-Get more mainstream support. Netflix, facebook, etc... all listed on the Vita store SHOULD be in the PSM area.... I mean the store has one app so far....

-Get trophies, and support it like PSN titles. Otherwise it falls into the PSP Mini's hole.

-Push it on your own products! Similar to Amazon Kindle!

Honestly at this point they have two routes to take.

1 They go like Amazon, see the idea become a success, and compete as an app store.

2 They follow Zune. Never get support, never get apps, then abandon ship and bring out a new product with a "better idea." Honestly I stopped my interest in Windows phone because of that, I'll do the same here....

PirateThom2007d ago

It's odd, because one of the best games I've played on Vita game from PSM. Life of Pixel is awesome.

However, the whole service is just not featured enough. I would put the new content in the PS Vita store front same as other new content, just tag it with a "PSM" icon.

I think they also need to open the service to more Android devices to get maximum users. Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and HTC One and One X and whatever else all need to have it too.

I also think it should be pushed through PS3 as well and let people know they can use these titles on their PS Certified smart phone.

Fantastic idea but, again, why would a developer publish on it instead of Google Play or iTunes? I really believe in PSM but as soon as it was announced, I knew it would go the way of minis.

Soldierone2007d ago

It'd be smart to let PS3 users download and transfer it to a phone through the PS3 somehow. Not only the apps, but the store itself.

Maybe register with the PS3 like Vita and PSP, so you can download apps then transfer them over. Almost every phone uses a standard USB cord, so they would just need an OS update.

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