God of War vs. Gears of War - The Results - IGN Versus

We asked which was your favorite and now here are the results. Did the game you were rooting for win?

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Narutone662004d ago

God of War won it by a landslide. If you asked me, two very different kind of games, so strange to compare the two.

Godmars2902004d ago

If anything, Uncharted has always been been the one Epic has compared their game against.

xHeavYx2004d ago

Not surprised that GOW won gore, that's like stating the obvious. Ktatos is such a complex character as well, he doesn't kill because he likes to (well, maybe he enjoys it a little) but he has a reason to act the way he does. I can't talk about which series is best, because I'm a PS3 guy

darthv722004d ago

I choose both. I like both but they are nothing alike so this type of vs makes no sense.

If Kratos was packing a boomshot to blow enemies away, that would be cool.

Im sure the blades of Athena could do some serious damage to a reaver if marcus was able to use them.

guitarded772004d ago

Uncharted and Gears are definitely more alike than GoW and Gears, but even then they're worlds apart. IGN is just trying to start a fight between fanboys. I love GoW and Gears... two excellent franchises and each is a reason to own their respective platforms.

pixelsword2004d ago

they probably compared the two because of the initials, other than that, I don't know why such a comparison was made.

nukeitall2004d ago

The results are kind of odd, since Gears of War: Judgment outsold God of War: Ascension.

BattleAxe2004d ago

Welp, I guess that settles it. Now, I don't want to hear another peep out of GEoW fans.

Orionsangel2004d ago

@xHeavYx GOW won Gore? God of War or Gears of War? They both have the initials GOW. Just funny you said that lol!

InTheZoneAC2004d ago

there is no comparison between GeoW and Uncharted

And that's an insult to Uncharted to compare them.

GeoW simply has to try too hard

Uncharted and GoW are just great games.

Jeenoman2004d ago

Haha this comparison is weird. Might as well throw Geometry Wars in there as well.

ucellps42003d ago

God Of War deserved to win by a landslide. Its just far too superior to Gears.

Gamerjunki32003d ago

Kratos WAS a great character in the original God of war, after that, he became a terrible character, with no redeeming value. This is perfectly demonstrated at the end of God of War 3, where he learns that "the power of forgiveness come from within"(what a terrible line), yet proceeds to kick the shit out of Zeus.

xHeavYx2003d ago

@Orionsaint There is only one GOW son

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ForzaGT2004d ago

Agree totally different genre apart from the name

Godmars2902004d ago

And I don't get why "Gears" isn't enough for Gears of War fans for the short form.

Kurt Russell2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Gears is perfectly exceptable Godmars, but don't forget a lot of xbox owners won't be dual console owners so wouldn't hesitate to abrieviate to GoW... I don't think it's generally a problem, it's usually clear what franchise people are referring to via context.

Godmars2902003d ago

Except when this comes up, its usually a God of War thread with Gears fans complaining about it.

AngelicIceDiamond2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

That's the internet for you.

@Edonus well, IGN for long time hasn't been Sony haven but has been dominated heavily with MS fans. Not so much now its mostly Sony at Ign just like this site and many others. In fact, this site has been MS fanboy heavy for most of this gen 2005 till roughly 2011 (2009 and 2010 this site was becoming even on both sides with still in favor of MS fanboys). It's only been Sony dominated since 2011 until this very day so 2 years. The same year when MS went mostly casual. (ironically)

But not only has GoW been around longer, the IP simply has put out more than GeOW through out the years. Its been a fan favorite for long time and always will be, same with Gears. If they did a GT series VS Forza the internet will say GT. Because its one of the four fathers of the realistic racing sim. And its one of Sony's longest running Ip's

LightofDarkness2004d ago

"In fact, this site has been MS fanboy heavy for most of this gen 2005 till roughly 2011 (2009 and 2010 this site was becoming even on both sides with still in favor of MS fanboys)"

Ahem... WHAT?!

This site has been heavily Sony dominated since about 2008. There used to be almost as many Xbox fanboys from 2005-2007, but they slowly broke away and the site became absolutely filled with Sony fans from mid-2007 through to 2009.

I've been reading this site since it was created, and even read the earlier split sites (it used to be split between 360 and PS3 sites). This site was never MS dominated, it just used to be more equal.

HammadTheBeast2004d ago

IGN has the most idiotic Sony haters I've ever seen.

Long live Psycho_PS3_Truthh

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MariaHelFutura2004d ago

It's the battle of the acronyms.

Larry L2004d ago

I hate to be a grammar nazi here, but but very few people know the difference here. GoW, or FBI or CIA aren't acronyms, even though even smart people call them "acronym agencies".

Acronyms are initialisms that are actually pronounced as a word. Like NASA or TARDIS. If you just say the letters, it's not an acronym.

CryofSilence2004d ago

FART. Fathers Against Rude Television.

CryofSilence2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

They don't compare gameplay elements, so the "apples and oranges" argument cannot be applied; the fact that they are two completely different genres is irrelevant. They merely compare gore, character, and which series readers prefer (the last one may be influenced by genre, but I am certain people are capable of distinguishing which of the two they prefer).

Derekvinyard132004d ago

Ign you really stooped low on this one, these games have 0 in common. U cannot compare these two games I don't care what you guys say

ATi_Elite2004d ago

Dude it's pretty simple

GOW = God of War!

Santa Monica > Epic Games.

also watching the video did you see how CRAPPY and faded Gears looks in comparison to GOW!

Kingdom Come2004d ago

IGN is riddled with Sony fanboy's. This result was inevitable...

kenshiro1002004d ago

Yes, because IGN didn't give Halo a 9.4 and praised Gears of War at some point.

Oh give me a break. -_-

Kingdom Come2004d ago

I was talking about the sites community. But, if you want to talk reviewers, Greg Miller is one of the most infamously fanboys reviewers in the industry...

Karpetburnz2003d ago

@Kingdom Come

Greg Miller is on the IGN Playstation team, Of course hes gonna prefer PS3, but that doesnt mean his opinions are biased, Has he ever said anything to downplay Xbox?

And have you heard of Ryan Mccaffrey? hes on the IGN Xbox team and I would say hes an Xbox fanboy, but that doesnt mean his opinions are biased.

mcnablejr2003d ago

i simply cannot believe how biased this site is now. droids everywhere, as soon as some flamebait article comes along some idiot jumps in to say something praising the playstation and gets tonnes of agrees, every time.

kenshiro1002003d ago

No one was praising the article to begin with, not to mention praising Sony. I like how its okay to praise Microsoft but when it comes to Sony, you guys scream fanboy.

Again, give me a break.

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Lior2004d ago

no pc love on IGN or N4G.

humbleopinion1999d ago

And what exactly will they put up in such a VS article? Simcity 5?

arronax-12004d ago

Well, thats usually the obvious fan-baiting attitude that these type of popular sites have.

g2gshow2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

that was a very stupid comparison .....o i get it it sound like a cool idead because they both had war in the title it ooooooo i get it .......-_- next time di** heads try matching a shooter with a shooter must that even be said ?? ign stfu an find some real news to report

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Snake-eater2004d ago

never thought the margin will be this big

redwolf2004d ago

no contest, kratos wins

KentBlake2004d ago

This is Sparta!

(sorry, someone had to say it)

NastyLeftHook02004d ago

i cannot believe they compared the two.

to play...i'll take a zues killing god bashing bald headed angry motherfocker who get his revenge anyday.