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sherimae24132005d ago

hey hey thats a very good news if its true! i sure hope so.. ^_^

sinncross2005d ago

Considering the game was no loner WIiU exclusive and the first was on PSV, I would not be surprised if this Rayman came to the PSV.

admiralvic2005d ago

I wouldn't say that, since the game was designed with the Wii U in mind. We already know that the PS3 / Xbox versions will play "differently", so who knows what other changes are required to get it working for the PS Vita.

Sadly I can't get the site to load to see where the rumor comes from, but I wouldn't be shocked if the rumor lead to a "companion" type app, which would allow the Vita to make up for the "lost" features.

sarshelyam2005d ago

Despite the media buzz surrounding this title, the director (at E3 last year) alluded to the game coming out on other platforms. I'm fairly confident that it was always planned for more than the WiiU, but Nintendo had some "interest" in keeping that knowledge under-wraps.

admiralvic2005d ago

@ Sarshelyam

You do realize that your statement makes no sense right? Nintendo can try to "suppress" as much information as possible, but it's unlikely they can convince Ubisoft to tell us it was delayed twice, only to announce it as a multiplatform and delay the Wii U version again. Furthermore, no one really cares that it's going to other platforms, I mean if they want it on the PC / 3DS / Vita / PS4/ Next Box / etc, but people were always angry about the senseless delay. I just hope that the Vita version (if real) can retain enough of the original game to be an enjoyable and complete experience.

Zezo2005d ago

WOW people still do care about rayman, i thought it was a rubbish title.

SilentNegotiator2005d ago

I doubt that a Vita version would "lose" features from the Wii U version, considering that it has the same interface built in. What would stop it from playing the same way?

FluffyPloo2005d ago

The original on the vita didnt have multiplayer (online) support, hopefully its not the case this time.

deafdani2005d ago

If anything, a Vita version would be the closest to the Wii U version, if not identical. It has a touch screen after all.

skyrimer2005d ago

I think that maybe the Vita version would be a stand alone cross-buy title like xbox /ps3, however when used with the PS3 it would take advantage of WiiU tablet like features, that would be cool.

lilbroRx2005d ago

Indeed. Till this day, the delay has been the only thing that Nintendo fans were even remotely agitated about.

They "did not care in the slightest" that is was announced for other hardware. That's not how Nintendo fans think, but these sad, fanboyish excuses for gamers try their hardest to insist on there being some form of resentment over it being announced for the PS3/360 when there isn't.

Nevers0ft2005d ago

@admiralvic and lilbroRx

Pretty much my sentiments exactly. I don't care who gets to play a game on other consoles, it's a good thing. However, I do mind having a completed game that I intended (strictly past-tense) on buying yanked off the shelves at the last minute.

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iplay1up22005d ago

I don't play handhelds, but if it is coming to the Vita, I would think 3DS would be in the picture. Not that it matters to me.

admiralvic2005d ago

Hard to say, since the Vita version released MONTHS before the 3DS version.

Sanquine902005d ago

Vita version was the best version. ! Console ones were ok... But the 3ds version for me was MEH

SilentNegotiator2005d ago

I haven't played the 3DS version myself, but my understanding is that it ran kind of poorly. Not that such a thing would keep them from gladly accepting money from the people buying it on 3DS, but if Legends takes more processing power, 3DS may not get the opportunity to play it.

Chrono2005d ago

Wii U fans are probably really angry now.

paul19742005d ago

not really we have the exclusive online multi player dropping on eshop tomorrow FREE:), sorry did i say Free! yes Free, plus we get exclusive levels and stuff not coming to any other version! so the wait is annoying but this will make up for it..

admiralvic2005d ago

Well... I believe the online stuff was originally intended to launch with the game, but they moved it ahead as a "good will" gesture. In either case, I pretty sure the service is will be discontinued as soon as the game releases. As far as the "exclusive stuff" you're talking about, that's mostly because of the differences between the consoles. It's not that you're getting exclusive content, it's that they CAN'T port the content, so they're trying to lead you to believe it's a perk, when it's not.

jcnba282005d ago

Yeah we are so mad...we're just getting free exclusive online levels tomorrow through the eshop...yeah wii u owners are pissed...

Sanquine902005d ago

Lol more love for my vita :) i preorded the wii u version . The delay sucked !....

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