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Ten PS3 Predictions

With the launch of the PS3 in one month GamingNexus has posted some tongue-in-cheek predictions about the launch of the console.

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D R Fz6450d ago (Edited 6450d ago )

I guess i'll check it out.

D R Fz6450d ago

Of all the points given, i defintely have to agree with number 10 concerning the online aspect of the ps3.

Sony has one last surprise left up its sleeves related to their online service and I think it might be access to the vast Sony music and video library.
There are still more than a few gaps left in the Sony online strategy (will there be anything like what Microsoft's achievements, gamertag, and gamer points) one of the big advantages that Sony has is a ginormous library of content that they could easily make available online. If they could somehow allow gamers to download movies on demand or download video and music clips from their online service this could be a huge advantage over Xbox Live as Microsoft is dependant on other companies to provide them with downloadable content.

Arkham6449d ago

Please, no achievements, points, etc... Leave those for the kids who spend 4 hours a day on XBL. Crap like that turns off casual online gamers and may even push them away. It's a bit juvenile and screams "Lookit me! I'm special".

LAWMAN6450d ago

The fact that it's free will rate high on the forgiveness meter. That's why I have no problems with the PS2 online service. I have had no problems getting on-line with all 3 SOCOMs, Splinter Cell, and Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence - and best of all, they were all FREE!

I like the 360, it's just that I can't stand that I pay money for it and I still have connection issues that I don't with the free online Sony servers.

TheMART6450d ago

Mostly Sony fans only mention SOCOM.

Connection errors with XBL? That's strange I really have them NEVER

So you:

a. don't have a 360 at all and it's Sony fanboy talk or

b. there is something wrong with a crappy internet connection and not with XBL

FirstknighT6449d ago (Edited 6449d ago )

Haha, I played on XboxLive for a good 2 years and I have never had any problems other than a few laggy games here and there.

My cousin is like in the top 10 players in the world for Socom...but I beat him 50-0 head to head in Halo 2...(Just a random fun fact, no need to flame)

And why is everybody always bothered by the price of xbox live??? It's only like $30-$40 a YEAR!!! Your willing to put up almost $700 on one day, yet you guys have a problem with $50 a year???

Siesser6449d ago (Edited 6449d ago )

For myself, at least, the problem isn't how MUCH it costs, but the fact that it costs anything in the first place. I feel that online play is something that should be provided at no extra cost, especially since it's not what I buy games for (for example, when I buy a game, I don't look to see if it has an online mode, and could care less if it did), and if one console can do it for free, that's evidence that it can be done. As the article says, there will be forgiveness that it doesn't match the breadth and consistency of Live, but I'm sure it'll get the job done. Others can go ahead and pay $40 or so for their "premium" online play.

It's mostly a matter of principle; same as Sony possibly charging for demos. I don't care if they only charge $0.50 per, it's still a charge for something that ought to be free.

LAWMAN6449d ago

Wow, you beat your cousin 50-0 in Halo even though he's a "top 10 SOCOM" player. Well, everyone knows that the top 50 are all rank ups that dont actually play so your cousin is probably garbage anyway. Also, you can't compare a TPS with a FPS since they are two completely different games.

Mart, you also heard me mention other games like Splinter Cell and MGS3S that I love to play online with my PS2.

Just because you never have connection issues, that means that no one that uses XBL has them??? If I had a crappy connection then why don't I have the same issues with my PS2?

Admittedly, the only game that I have problems with is Call of Duty 2, but that's the only one that I like to play online other than GRAW. So I don't know if it's the game, but I constantly have issues that I shouldn't have.

Anyway, it's obvious that people have their own preferences. I just wish you fanboys would just leave people alone that want a PS3 and are excited to get one. I visit the 360 site often, and I don't see nearly the amount of flame posts by PS3 fanboys there. There's something about 360 fanboys that must breed insecurity or something.

12Volt6449d ago

The maintenance cost of upkeeping XBL are there, and MS isnt gracious enough to pay them, I guess MS has chosen the users to shoulder the cost. I'd rather not pay for anything but I wouldnt mind paying for something. I do believe that there should be a cost but not 50$, i think 9.99 is way more than enough per user.

Sony is providing something for free because its businesses strategy is different, it's perhaps requiring developers to pay a lease into Sony Online so atleast sony can give centralized services and maintain their service. sony wont make much of a dime from this, What Sony needs to do is expand this for its users this time around and make it a robust online system.. but when that happens who will shoulder the cost?

In the long MS has it good because the user keeps shouldering the cost so no matter what XBL can keep growing and it becomes a profit to MS

Siesser6449d ago

I would just feel like I was getting used if I went with Live. Out of habit and preference, I don't play online that much. Even with my ps2, I rarely, and I mean RARELY ever go online. I just wouldn't want to pay that much for the 10 or so times I decided to hop on. Which is why I admit it's purely preference. I know many people that adore and enjoy getting online; who feel that it extends the value of the game for them. As I'm not such a person, I am by default not bothered by Sony's strategy.

12Volt6449d ago

But Sony is making it free and that works for all of us!! Yayeah!

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Tut6450d ago

Nice. That was a good article with nice observations. It is refreshing to get something like this instead of the crap that has been posted recently.

I don't really have any "predictions" but I am excited for the release to see what this baby is all about first hand.

Yeah buddy!

Shadow Flare6450d ago

that was a really good read and real interesting. I totally agree with point 10. It can be done, would be awesome if it was done, and would class itself as a good online system. Sonys been quite quiet about the online service so maybe they do have something up their sleeve. That would be awesome

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