Review: Kung Fu Rabbit (Wii U) | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "But for the most part, it's just plain, clean, fun. There’s not much more than that to this game and anyone who goes in expecting more would do well to remember that this game was designed to make more bearable those five minute commutes at the end of the day when you're squashed into a train with dozens of other sardine-people in desperate need of a bath or shower... But, for now, if you’re looking for an afternoon-killer, well, it’s something extra to play on your Wii U."

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Nevers0ft2006d ago

I've been looking at this game on the eShop and waiting for some reviews... I was a bit suspicious of a game dropping onto the eShop virtually unannounced, with a lower than usual asking price (it's £4.50 or thereabouts).

Now I know that it probably doesn't suck, I'll likely grab a copy - I've got to fill that hard disk somehow!