Call of Duty 3 images from 360 Gold version

As a way to remind us that Call of Duty 3 is now gold on Xbox 360, Activision released this new batch of images from this version.

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TheMART5887d ago

COD3 for the 360 went Gold! And that's why this is posted only for 360 before I get all those fanboys spamming me for nothing again. Thanks guys I appreciate you making me your favorite. Spank me spam me. For the rest who like my sarcastic view and love 360 it would be nice to give positive feedback. I'll give you much exciting articles fast I'll hope you appreciate it!

Furthermore, it is stated that the 360 version of COD3 is the best one. Having 60 fps and good graphics. It's stated by several game reviewers that the competition only got 30 fps and it just looked not as good as the 360 version!

That's good news. Enjoy the screens!

Antan5887d ago

But of course you`re not bothered about the frames per second issue are you? because we as human beings can only see 24fps as you always seem to say? maybe you should mention this in your post also? "it runs in 60fps, even though we can only see 24fps"............Now i wonder why games run in 60fps? Is it by chance...............that we CAN actually see 60fps? .........If you yourself cannot see the difference between a game at 60 and a game at 24/30 then i`d get your vision checked. I think you need to read up on the the whole frames per second issue before you continue to post such comments. Of course you didn`t mention the "we only see 24fps" comment on this story because it bigs up the 360 of course. I wonder if you would post if it were a PS3 related game running in 60fps?

TheMART5886d ago

I don't mind for the eyes, it's just plain simple that because it runs at double the framerate which clearly indicates the 360 is and/or

1. stronger
2. has a better programming environment

As they are simultanously developed

dantesparda5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

you got him with his own sh!t. He actually thinks that there is no differences in those framerates. How doesnt understand that 60 fps looks alot smoother than 30. And how this one for a reason

3. Since it wasnt designed for the 360 , thats why it runs smoother, as the PS3 would be a port.

And where does it say that it runs at 30 for the PS3 and 60 for the 360?

TheMART5886d ago

nr. 1.3

there was an article of the makers of the game themselves with a game magazine that was playing the game there. The producer stated it themselve like this.

30 fps or 60 fps one will enjoy the game, but I think it's just funny the 360 puts the power out and wins

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THAMMER15887d ago

Mart the haters hate hard but that motivates the players to get right. Ya feel me. I'm glad you keep it real. Most Sony fans are so bitter they click lame and disagree with peoples post just because they mad. And that S#!t is real weak.

COD3 IS going to rock so hard and the 360 version will not be missing anything. It's in HD and has rumble and perfect online support.

dantesparda5886d ago (Edited 5886d ago )

Who's hating? Antan was just pointing out what an idiot WalMart is, he wasnt saying anything bad about the game. And since you're talking about "hating", you are the one hating. You cant even see what is being said. There is a big difference between 30fps & 60fps and this fool(Kmart) is spewing this crap that there isnt! Filling all your little ignorant 360 heads up with false/innaccurate crap. Its true that the eye cant COUNT pass 24fps, but it certainly can discern the smoothness difference between 30 fps and 60. So I wish this guy would stop spewing his innaccuracies. But he wont, because he is a broken record, with a bunch of 360 fanboys cheerleaders. Oh and btw, "Lost Planet is a 360 exclusive" cuz he cant shut up about that one either

The great 15886d ago

Your that used to thinking your right, brining others down for being fanboys, you have turned into a fanboy yourself, because you are, your responses lately have been so fanboyish, what's funny is you think no one will notice you being a fanboy idiot!

LuminousAphid5887d ago

These screens just got me so pumped for this game, nice find. I really don't understand people who say that this looks the same as COD2... I mean, look at it! It's obviously much better lighting, detail, sprites, and... just everything. Hopefully this won't stutter in 720p like COD2 did sometimes, though.

Now all we need are some final videos to get us really ready to play this!

dantesparda5886d ago

On 1.3 I meant "since it was design for the 360"

Asylumchild5886d ago

OK This game or GEARS OF WAR? seriously Idk I think ill just have to wait till the TREE AND ALL THE LIGHTS ARE UP TO get GOW :((((

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