Gameplay vs Graphics

There used to be a time when the graphics of a game would define how good it was. Every year a new game would be launched with better, more realistic graphics, and everyone knew that there had to be a point where the hardware simply wouldn't be able to cope up. There are computers which can beautifully run those heavy processor intensive games, but the average gamer cannot afford those systems. Even gaming consoles have a limit to which they can play the more graphic oriented titles.

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NastyLeftHook02011d ago

i recently played crysis 3 and can say that they sadly focus more on graphics than gameplay.

the result?

game looks good but i could not get myself to finish it. gameplay is vital. people buy beer to get drunk, not because of the pretty can, same reason people buy normal 'looking' games because of the content.

fluffydelusions2011d ago

Pretty much. Graphics are an added bonus but gameplay trumps all

Gaming1012011d ago

Exactly. There have been no hugely successful games that had bad gameplay, someone out there must find it fun for it to sell. Angry Birds didn't sell a bazillion copies because of its cutting edge graphics, regardless of your opinion of that game.

ShinMaster2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Years from now, the thing that brings me back to a game is the gameplay and/or story. Not graphics. Which is why as a console gamer, I don't stress out about graphics as much and find artistic direction much more important IMO. Certain people won't understand that though.

SilentNegotiator2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Gameplay vs Graphics...the debate that absolutely no one is actually having.

We get one of these "Gameplay vs Graphics" articles every week, and you know what? NO ONE thinks that graphics are ultimately more important. NO ONE older than 5 or without the word "Nintendon't" etched on their brain.

inveni02010d ago

Yeah. I always try a game with good graphics, just because I love tech. So I even played all the way through Battlefield 3 maxed out on PC, and it was pretty intense. But it wasn't an exceptional game. Just a realistic-feeling one. In an FPS, realistic is great. But it still needs to be perfectly produced. Battlefield 4 is looking to attempt to do that.

(I don't know why I picked an FPS, because I don't really care for FPS games in general.)

Hydrolex2010d ago

Mom vs dad
Both are very important

hesido2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Everybody here likes to say that gameplay > graphics, yet there's a lot of disagrees when someone says s/he prefers 60fps over 1080p (former effects gameplay positively helluva lot more than latter.)

sergons2010d ago

I spent last weekend by playing Road Rash 64. Had more fun than playing crysis 3.

starchild2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

For me they are both important. If a game has crappy graphics and good gameplay I very well might pass it up in favor of other games that have great graphics AND gameplay.

Graphics help tremendously in creating an immersive atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with wanting both. There are plenty of games that offer them both. I'm sick of this false dichotomy. Great graphics and great gameplay are not mutually exclusive.

Oh, and Crysis 3 is a fun game. I don't know what game you played. Maybe you need something a little more linear and on-rails?

badz1492010d ago

is like saying it's impossible to have both! personally I think that focusing too much on 1 aspect and neglecting the other is wrong and I love game with both great gameplay and graphics!

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brich2332011d ago

I finished it but it was a drag, for some sections of the game I cloaked right through avoiding firefights, or just completely running away from the firefights. The game was boring.

Muffins12232010d ago

the gameplay in crysis 3 was actually better than call of duty's single player and most other recent fps....

UltraNova2010d ago

And then you guys played the Uncharted series and realised that gameplay/graphics are 50/50 prerequisites for a good game!

Mr_Writer852010d ago

The thing is there will be games in a few years that will look better but still won held as high regard as Uncharted.

It's not just the graphics, it's the WAY they use them, it's very cinematic, also the voice acting and animation help.

I believe Uncharted could look uglier then it does now, but would still be held in high regard because everything else is so strong.

Graphics should be the neat and tidy icing on a cake that's baked to perfection. Not hiding a dry and tasteless cake.

Liefx2010d ago

Wrong, a lot of it does have to do with branding.

BlackCarrot2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

If I bought booze to get drunk, I wouldn't choose beer; I like beer because it tastes great and is refreshing. Okay, the analogy doesn't change but just felt like clearing up.


Or if I may recreate the analogy: I could pick budweiser because its cheap and it'll get me drunk if I drink enough of it, it has the same effect as Heineken, Becks or Stella but I won't buy it - because it doesn't taste as nice as the European lagers. The enjoyment of the game (beer) is everything.

FlyingFoxy2010d ago

The good thing is Valve make awesome games with the best graphics on release, so you get the best of both worlds.

Can never go wrong with Valve.

TooTall192010d ago

I enjoyed Crysis 3 a lot. It's one of the few games I've recently played start to finish. The graphics are amazing on PC, and the weapons have a decent amount of recoil.

Fru692010d ago

Completely agree about Crysis 3. Am playing through it at the moment and yes, it looks pretty, but the gameplay isn't as exciting as I'd hoped it would be - it's all a bit repetetive.

ChrisW2010d ago

"people buy beer to get drunk, not because of the pretty can..."

My friend's father used to drink the white can with only a bold black "BEER" on the side. At about 10 cents a can, it was the absolute cheapest beer one could get in the 80s. But with that in mind, you did get what you pay for. Having a sip of it when I was 10 is what kept me from drinking in general until I turned 21. It was absolutely disgusting... especially since my friend's father drank it warm.

So... bringing your analogy to a full circle, graphics can play a part in the enjoyment of a game. Too little and even if it's fun, one might not enjoy it as much. Too much and people start to nitpick it. Thus if Crysis 3 was a PS2 game, with graphics of the time period, would you be more tolerable of the game play?

(Kinda like Goldilocks' story)

sinjonezp2010d ago

Graphics create immersion. The feel of the world you are in. Look at Heavy Rain: the world was feel and you felt apart of that world. I do believe gameplay ultimatel matters, but without a deep, interesting world, why would one want go look at it? Think of a beautiful woman compared to one that is not so attractive. Which one would you want to immerse yourself with first? Even though that one that is not sk attractive may be a lot better in all regards.

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Qrphe2011d ago

Because we all know all there is to graphics are polygons and nothing but polygons

>frequent trips to 9Gag

I stopped reading the article at that part

Donnieboi2011d ago

Article says: "There used to be a time when the graphics of a game would define how good it was"

I say: WHEN was this?!

fluffydelusions2011d ago

In my experience back in the 8/16 bit era most of the better looking games were in fact better

cyguration2010d ago

So you mean to tell me Timecop's "good" graphics on the SNES made it a better game than Ninja on the NES?

user76939582010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

in a parallel Universe, in where Crytek where winners of goty every year, since ever Sega launch their successful console "Sega:return" in 2001 and sold 200millions in 5 years and has been in store for over 13 years already thanks to the amazing visuals crytek can archive with it, visuals that make crysis with mods look like a atari lol
the game is called "demo Island" and they have been making a sequel and prequel ever since! and each year it look better they add over 20k new pixels in each new game.

ILive2011d ago

There should always be a good balance. A game developers put work into can achieve both.

thebudgetgamer2011d ago

Robotron is still more fun to play than most games released these days.

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