Consoles that won't die: The Commodore 64

Time and technology has moved on since 1983, but the Commodore 64 continues to survive as a viable gaming platform, supported by a dedicated homebrew scene that's combining old school programming skills with a modern-day indie mentality.

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JeffGrubb2012d ago

I had my Commodore 64 -- had to score!

darthv722012d ago

does it classify as a console? I classify it as a gaming PC.

Either way, it was a fun run for Commodore that got better when the Amiga arrived.

bintarok2012d ago

Couldn't agree more, miss the days of Commodore vs Atari so much.

Gaming feels less interesting without healthy competition.

forcefullpower2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

And the Amiga won. One of the best systems I have ever owned.

Just thinking about captive brings back such good memories

bintarok2012d ago

The Amiga was way ahead of times, there was a "silly" add-on called DCTV where it could display a 24bit/16 million color image through a 16 color screen mode. Something unheard of back then.

MrDead2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I’m still a proud owner of a A1200 with Blizzard 1230 and a massive 350mb hard drive, Alien Breed 3D 2 runs silky smooth.

darthv722012d ago

I sold my A1200 a long time ago but i did keep the Zappo 2x cdrom drive that I used with it. I could play some CD32 games and i still have those. alien breed, mutant football, project-x.

Hell, still got the 1084s monitor but i wouldnt sell that. I made me some custom RGB cables for the genesis, snes even the atari jaguar. RGB was the shizz back then. It was the HDMI of the 90's.

MrDead2011d ago

I loved the CD32, I was blown away when I saw Simon the Sorcerer voiced by Chris Barry

SatanSki2011d ago

Saying C64 is an console is insulting for its creators. It was the best home computer of its times.

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Sadie21002012d ago

I loved my C64! I wish I still had it.

deantak2012d ago

I skipped this one when I was young.

barb_wire2012d ago

You missed out on some truly amazing games.

barefootgamer2012d ago

I had one growing up. Played a lot of Zork I. Got eaten by a lot of grues...

talisker2012d ago

It's a computer, stupid, not a console. A great one, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.