Man Robs Gamestop for Xbox Core System

The man, who was the last remaining customer in the store, pointed a revolver at two employees and demanded money. He left with an undisclosed amount of cash, an X-Box game system and two games.

ASSASSYN 36o6337d ago

Another gamer is getting an Xbox 360 this christmas.

Jak4ever6337d ago

What was this Idiot gonna do?, sell it on E-Bay?? and not get caught? or maybe stay home and play a game... and.. not get caught?

what a spoon.

USMChardcharger6337d ago

see, even 4 out of 5 robbers recommend an xbox.

**He will be back for the hard drive**

SPAWN6337d ago

All I can say is that`s a funny one!

USMChardcharger6336d ago

lol, thanks guys. i have been sick last few days. on some meds...i am funnier that way. :)

shotty6337d ago

$5 says he'll be back tommorow to exhange it for a premium, when he son looks at him in a disappointed manner. LOL

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