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KentBlake2009d ago

I hope it has cross save.

NewMonday2009d ago

never played this, time to see what's it all about.

rezzah2009d ago

Hope you enjoy it.

It shows the evolution of ND from 1 to 3.

mt2009d ago

just played jak and daxter HD last year on PS3 , the 3 games are of of ps2 gems.

HarryMasonHerpderp2009d ago

The original Jak & Daxter is by far the best out of the 3, the sequels are still worth playing though and still great games. I wish they stuck to the original game more but at least you can get something different out of each game.

Y_51502009d ago

It looks like it does not unfortunately. :(
It's completely separate from the console version.

Skate-AK2009d ago

That's pretty cool. I'm just going to get the PS3 version cause I can get it for under $20.

skyrimer2009d ago

Better wait for the price to be announced, I highly doubt this will cost more than $20-$30

Skate-AK2009d ago

It's been announced. It's $29.99.

Ult iMate2009d ago

Main reason of portable J&D Trilogy is that you can play it anywhere and not just at home.

daclynk2009d ago

And people are complaining and bitching about nintendo bring old games back. lol

Sanquine902009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Whats Nintendodomination? * Fanboy alert* Please just go away! How is the Wii U doing?

LOL no wii U? I bought one for pikmin 3 but that is also delayed.... doing great you say... Yeah i only play monster hunter on it.. Pretty expensive console for just 1 game... All the other games already played the most of them.. What a shame.

daclynk2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

ohh the Wii U is doing great.i dont have one right now coz i will be getting one after E3 but im enjoying the hell out of the 3ds right now. hahaha.

Th4Freak2009d ago

"the Wii U is doing great". VGChartz and Famitsu disagree.

rezzah2009d ago

There is a difference between a never ending cycle, and a line that has a end.

Something that has a end, people will want to "replay" it over and over again. To experience that feeling they likely will never get again. It's like the books of Shakespeare.

In terms of what Nintendo does, they recreate worlds (stories) for their characters. So nothing never truly ends.

The similarities is what people love, being able to experience what they like over and over again (nostalgia).

The difference is the line with the end allows more room for new creations. Where as those with a cycle are recreated with variations, yet is still the same thing at its core.

This is what separates you and those who oppose your opinion. People may love nostalgia, but your approaches to it are different.

Is that which never ends more beautiful than that which does?

I think based on your answer to this question may reveal to you your approach to nostalgia. Thus, your liking towards the practice's of Nintendo vs. everyone else should be understood.

Now that you may understand this, hopefully you see the reasoning behind your claim isn't the same as there's.

Ron_Danger2009d ago

And this is where the N4G community has the power to make a change for the better. Daclynk brings up Nintendo for no reason other than to troll...

So just click Bubble Down so we don't have to deal with that as much.

rezzah2009d ago

It usually only takes one comment, so the bubble system is pointless for trolls.

MGRogue20172009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Feels good for there to finally be an official announcement of it :D

Sooo pre-ordering as soon as I'm able to, omg. :)

supremacy2009d ago

Well i guess that confirms it, i suppose while they are it they could also add the ratchet and clank hd collection and sly hd collection as well the god of war hd collection.

I would really like to see a dark cloud collection and rogue galaxy hd on the vita.

Perhaps a GTA hd collection would also be nice to have, loved vice city and certainly wouldn't mind replaying san andreas.

I am not a huge fan of all the ports, but i dont mind when it comes to ps2 classics.

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