Next Week on the PSN: April 23rd, 2013

There's a pretty good slate of releases set to hit the PlayStation Store this Tuesday, April 23rd. This includes a couple of Day 1 Digital titles, some new PlayStation Vita games, a free PSP game on PlayStation Plus, and a Resident Evil franchise sale.

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TrendyGamers2881d ago

Not a bad update, very intrigued by Thomas Was Alone.

smashcrashbash2881d ago

We will never be alone as long as they are watching. They are ALWAYS watching. ALWAYS.

Chuk52881d ago

I'm excited for DD: Dark Arisen, I missed out on it originally and that's a desicion that has been been following me everywhere I go.

BiggCMan2881d ago

I returned my Gamefly rental of DD because I was waiting for this once I heard it would be the full original game, with a brand new smaller game in it. So I have been waiting a painful 3 months now, with my save stuck at half way or so, in anticipation for this game!!

joab7772881d ago

Its awesome and will be even better for those that missed out with new classes etc. Etc. But I wonder if the online Ur is still going strong? Also, I have to do a second playthrough for a trophy and I was waiting for this. But I am worried that my character is too high a level for hard playthrough or the dlc and I really don't want to abandoned her. I can't wait to see how many times my pawn was used last year. It was one of the best communities. I was one of the few that didn't mind no waypoints as everything was an adventure. I think they changed that for newcomers.

ftwrthtx2881d ago

Dead Island: Riptide should sell well.

TrendyGamers2881d ago

I don't know if it will do as well as the original, but it should do pretty good.

ftwrthtx2881d ago

Once people start reading the reviews next week I think it will do better than the original.

Godchild10202880d ago

If they fix the problems the first one had and improved on the game, I think it will review better and maybe sell better or just as well as the first. I plan on getting two copies. Co-op with my nephews.

dbjj120882881d ago

Looking forward to Black Rock.

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